Preschool of Rock Teaches Music and Life Lessons to Toddlers

Michael Napolitano, Founder and Director of Preschool of Rock, shares his inspiration for starting a music school for toddlers and discusses how rock and roll can teach kids and their families life lessons.

4/15/17 #603






"Everybody's saying, doo, da doo, da doo, da da doo, da doo doo... In our classes, the relationship between music and early childhood development is evident. We have babies in our classes. We have toddlers in our classes. When I'm spinnin' 'round, I'm as happy as a kid can be. He's inspiring the next generation of tiny little rockers, and it seems he's having quite a bit of fun in the process. He's Michael Napolitano, Founder and Director of Preschool of Rock. Welcome to the program. Thank you for having me. So glad to have you. Love this concept. Love the idea. Where did it come from? It came from having children. Yes. Right? So I was a rock and roll musician, kinda longer hair. Looked a little different. Pre children. You know, pre kids. PK. [laughter] And then, you know, I took my daughter to some music classes, and we really enjoyed it. But I, for me it was a little softer and more gentle and less interactive than I wanted my child to experience. And I kind of had all the instruments at home. So we started doing stuff at home. I started writing songs. Next thing you knew, I guess I was good at it, because people wanted to come. I started throwing a class, people wanted to come. Next thing you knew, more people wanted to come. And I got another teacher. And then another teacher. And I have this kind of catalogue of wonderful musicians that work with us now. And we're good. You're now in eleven locations throughout New Jersey and New York? Yep. I would say more than than. But we can say eleven. Maybe... No! Say what it is. I don't know. I think it's in the 20's now. Look at that! Yeah. So about 20. And this is a whole new concept because, I don't want to disparage anyone else, because there are a lot of terrific music programs. Yes. So what makes this one a little bit edgier? A little bit more fun? A little bit different? Alright. Our teacher doesn't sit down, that's one thing. Is that you? Yeah. [laughter] Yeah. That's me. And there's other people. So they kind of have to emulate my spirit, which has always been very energetic since I was a young one. I was kind of the first preschool of rocker. My dad was a drummer in bands, so I was at rehearsals. But... So you were indoctrinated into this really? Yes! Yeah it was like my father invented the class. Right. [laughter] He doesn't even know it. And so thanks dad! [laughter] And you know, we don't sit down. It's a whole rock and roll experience. It's like a show..."