Republican Strategist Discusses Future of Republican Party

Taped at the NJBIA Impact Symposium, Roger Bodman, Republican Strategist and Senior Partner at Public Strategies Impact, talks about what made President-Elect Trump the more appealing candidate nationally and what this means for the future of the Republican Party. He also explains how Trump’s twitter activity might negatively impact his presidency.

2/4/17 #642






"We're now joined by Roger Bodman, our good friend who's been with us many times here on public television, a great friend of public broadcasting. Um... Thank you. With the public strategies impact, you've been involved in so many campaigns as a Republican strategist. The biggest message you take from the Donald Trump victory as our new president? You know, take a look around this country. You know, I think the Democratic Party, to a certain degree, lost its way with a real huge proportion of its base, you know, the working men and women of this nation. You know, the blue wall of Wisconsin, of Michigan, of Pennsylvania fell. I was doing a program on Election Night with one of our... your public broadcasting partners. And I was... had my iPad on. I tuned in to a website that was updating the states, on a regular basis. And I was looking to Wisconsin. It was 11:00 at night. And I'm thinking to myself, "2/3, 3/4 is in. He's up by three points. This... there's something going on here." I, in fact, mentioned it on air that night. I saw you. And so the Democratic Party, you know, when you call people deplorables... As Hillary Clinton did. As Hillary Clinton did, or you go to this coal country and you say, "I'm gonna take all your jobs," you see states like Pennsylvania, you know, western Pennsylvania, particular, you know, voting enormously for him. So he touched a nerve. And it's surprising to all of us who've been around this business as long as we have. But he touched a nerve. Let me as you something, Roger. You... but you're someone who serves in the cabinet of Tom Kean. You've always been known as a very moderate Republican, who just has worked so well with Democrats. Right. Republicans, it doesn't matter. How effective will Donald Trump be in governing and working well with all kinds of different people? It remains to be seen. It really does. And, you know, I mean, all of us have our concerns,to a certain degree, about sort of the tone and tenor. But I think he's improving. You know, my view is you give the man a chance. He's our president, you know? I'm a big believer in democracy. I used to go to Eastern Europe after the Communists fell as an election observer. I've seen it up close, what... what... what democracy means. And, you know, he's the president. So I... I want to give him a chance. You know, I don't... I don't think any of us know the answer to that question, Steve..."