RHONY's Carole Radziwill on Balancing Journalism and Reality TV

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Carole Radziwill, Emmy Award-winning producer, journalist, author and cast member of BravoTV’s "The Real Housewives of New York," to discuss her career as a journalist and her life now as a reality star.

1/30/17 #2011






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. Welcome to the Tisch WNET Studio, here in the heart of Lincoln Center. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome, for the first time... Yes. ...Carole Radziwill, who is Emmy-award winning... Yeah. ...producer, journalist, author, and a cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City. [laughter] How you doing? I'm good. I'm really just coming out of my election malaise. Was there an election? [laughter] We were doing this at the end of 2016. I hadn't noticed. [laughter] And by the way, we were just talking before we got on the air. We will talk about your fascinating career, this "Housewives" show. Mm hmm. By the way, Andy Cohen was here a while back. Oh really? Yeah, Andy and... He's a character. ...and Bethenny? Yes. I love... You're real friends with Bethenny? Real. Real friends? Yeah. Off, on, everywhere. She's a great girl. Can you just give me your reaction to the election? And its significance? You know, I... I gotta be honest, I went hard. I campaigned for Hillary in Pennsylvania, I was a part of a "Get out the vote" campaign for her. I just... you know, me, like, well every journalist and pretty much expert, and politician in the country felt like she was better qualified, and I was just stunned. I was stunned. And I'm just coming out of it. I think... and in the end, it wasn't really a Democrat/Republican thing for me. It was an American thing. I just felt like... I almost kinda got the feeling that he was campaigning for something that he didn't really want or understand. And that kind of scared me. He's our President now. He's the President now, and you know, and I wish him the best, of course, because you know, I care about our country, and I care about our government, and how things work for people who are disenfranchised. And you know, like I grew up, you know, working class in upstate New York, I just felt like I'm, you know, I am invested in this country in a way that I feel proud of. And I just felt like he wasn't the guy that I could look up to and say, you know, I'm proud to call him President. But he is, and I wish him the best, and I, you know, I'm gonna... I'm going to... and a lot of people are going to keep him on his toes. Okay. You are a serious journalist at the core. And people may not pick that up from... because you don't talk about this a lot, on The Housewives, but you know, going back, your background? No. Okay. So are you..."