Ruby Lewis and Ryan Vona Describe What Makes PARAMOUR Unique

Ruby Lewis and Ryan Vona, stars of "PARAMOUR, A Cirque du Soleil Musical" share what it's like to soar to new heights in this unique Broadway show.

1/31/17 #2012






"That's when you think you have everything, but still your heart is worsening. There must be something more! To this life now I'm sure! And if dreams still come true. True. That's talent! And they're right here. Ruby Lewis and Ryan Vona. They're in Cirque du Soleil Paramour, over at the Lyric Theater, 213 West 42nd Street. Describe what we just saw, and why everyone should go see this. Well, Cirque du Soleil is presenting their first Broadway show in Paramour. So, you're gonna get a lot of Cirque elements, like you see those lampshades. It's a very Cirque element. There are flying drums that... in that love song, in which we fall in love, Joey and Indigo. We're always joined by a great deal of acrobatics and fantastic Cirque things within this musical, and it helps the story along, and it's different in that way. Describe Cirque... sorry for interrupting. Cirque things? For those who may not be familiar with Cirque du Soleil? [laughter] Well, Cirque has a lot of... a lot at their disposal, and they... their artistry is very ever expansive. They started as street performers, and just with acrobats, and jugglers, and all kinds of physical elements, and I mean the past ten years, they've really developed as, kind of, a base of technology, and you get new projections technology and new, like, the drone technology, those quad copters that you see in that past clip. It's the first time that drones have been accompanying actors on a Broadway stage. How does it change the performance? It just... it kinda takes the audience completely to a different world. Because you're sitting, and you're watching this love scene, and you're watching the song unfold, and then all of a sudden, you see these... this set piece, and then it starts to levitate, and you're like, "What is...?" And you're just transported to this completely different space that you weren't really expecting before. But Cirque, and their technology, kinda brings you there. Are you distracted by any of that? No. We've gotten used to it. And we knew, going into it, like, whatever they think of, they're gonna make it happen. You know, Cirque du Soleil, that's just what they... what they're known for. I mean, taking something that you would think only be a figment of the imagination and really bringing it to fruition. And on the stage. And in a proscenium stage, it's just really, it's almost like watching an animated movie. You know. It's like, "What? Is this real? Can I touch these people?" It's really something. The audience gasps, you know. Well, people are always curious about, who sit in these seats, who perform on Broadway, where they come from. You are from Kentucky? Mm hmm..."