SiriusXM Host Karen Hunter Talks Trump Discourse

Karen Hunter, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist & Host of the ‘‘Karen Hunter Show‘‘ on SiriusXM Radio, shares her thoughts on Presidents Trump’s political discourse, and the reasons why she has decided to stop engaging in ‘‘opinion politics.“

9/30/17 #117






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato. Coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in beautiful Newark, New Jersey. Speaking of Newark, this young lady knows Newark very well. She is Karen Hunter, our good friend Karen Hunter is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, host of the Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM Radio, heard everyday? Yeah. Monday through Friday. What time? 3 PM Eastern. How cool is the show? Very. It's so cool, I can't even... I can't stand myself some days. What's the focus? Oh, well now, I mean my focus right now is trying to come up with solutions and heal the nation. You know, it's a lot. It's a heavy burden. [laughter] Especially for... you're a Jersey girl? Yeah, I'm a Jersey girl. And here's the thing, you and I have... well, Karen and I have been having this conversation forever. For those of you who have seen us before, Karen and I coanchored a show on public broadcasting years back, a couple years back, and we still work together now on a whole range of situations, and the one thing she's always talked about is how can we have a more civil, meaningful, productive political discourse? Really? Yeah, no, I actually have been going off the rails a little bit. [laughter] My patience is not what it ever has been. And you know, I think I'm frustrated. I'm a little frustrated. I just feel like I don't know where we actually make this work, and it's tough some days. I don't have it on me. You're scaring me right now. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. Well what do you think it is that's...? You know, the tipping point, if you will? It's... I just think we're... and I teach journalism, right? So you know, I'm talking to my students about news and what's fake and what's real and what's BS, and I think we have spent maybe... and it's the media's fault, five to seven years in a place where there was no accountability. You know, where people you know, fostered opinions and pushed opinions, as opposed to factual based, you know, newsgathering, and it became the norm. Blogs took off, and people's opinion, again, became this thing, and Facebook and other... Reddit, and other places allow people to have forums that didn't deserve to have forums. Because... Not a good thing? No. Not a good thing. Really? No. I think we need to have a compass that says this is due north, this is correct, this is right, this is wrong. We've talked about this before. I grew up watching Walter Cronkite. You know. And my dad made me watch 6 o'clock..."