Spreading Happiness with John's Crazy Socks

Steve Adubato speaks with Mark X. Cronin, Co-Founder, and John Cronin, Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of John's Crazy Socks, to explain how they are spreading happiness and breaking the stigma around disabilities with their crazy socks!

6/25/18 #2148






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. This is an edition of One on Two that you're not gonna want to miss. Let me introduce these two characters... I don't mean that in a bad way, but you're from Long Island, so you know... Yeah we are characters. I'm a Jersey guy. You get it Mark Cronin, President and Co-Founder of John's Crazy Socks and John Cronin, chief Happiness Officer and Founder. Good to see you men. Thank you. Glad to be here. It's great to have you. Thank you so much. Tell me this, John... By the way, you got some socks to show in a second, but what does it mean to be the Chief Happiness Officer? I've been... a company. Right. What's our mission? I just... I just bring happiness. Bring happiness? Hold on, but how do you bring happiness and still make a profit? Now, first of all, these socks, let me... grab those for me, I'll show you. I'm going to show the camera... if we can get this. Describe what these socks are. Did anyone wear these socks? I uh... Some people are wearing... a pair of my socks, And plugged um... one of... George Bush. George Bush wore these? Um, wore those. George H. W. Bush. Right. H. W. Wore those on World Down Syndrome Day, right? Right. They tweeted out a picture and thanked you for them, right? Right. Cause you gave them. I did. And who designed those socks? I did. I did. Um, I design... I design superhero socks. Right. And um... I drew my hero... I drew the... a picture of it. I drew a, um... You saw the picture, sorry for interrupting. You saw the picture? You drew it? So, how did it go from drawing to this? Well, in that particular one, John drew it and we gave it to our sock designer, and we turn it into a sock. That's the Down syndrome superhero sock. And it's one of of our awareness socks that raises money for our charity partners. Because many of the socks are charity and awareness socks that raise money for... in this case, for the National Down Syndrome Society, and for a local Long Island group called A.C.D.S. You guys are Long Island people. You know, by the way, we're seen now on the island... so we... we appreciate all the support we get out there. But what's interesting to me is that you were telling me, right before we got on the air, that this isn't just by philanthropy, charitable work, all really important, but you said this is a business. There's a business model. Describe it. It is. It's a social enterprise..."