St. Vincent Academy Helping Young Women Gain Confidence

Sister June Favata and Jo-Ann Caporaso from discuss the ways their program is helping young women gain, not only an education, but confidence and a responsibility to give back to their community.

7/1/2017 #609






"Welcome back to Life & Living. You know, for more than 140 years, this college prep high school has been helping young girls in Newark achieve success. Here to talk about Saint Vincent's Academy are Sister June Favata, Administrative Director, and Jo-Ann Caporaso, a ninth grade teacher. Welcome to the program ladies. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having us. Absolutely. Sister June, how would you describe this school? I've been thinking about how I would describe it honestly, cause I figured that would be a question. And I want to go back to a little bit of a story. We were visited by the Middle States team approximately eight months ago, and one of the members of the team, an experienced educator himself, was standing in a hallway looking out a window, and happened to see one of the teachers go by. He stopped and... he stopped the teacher and said, "You know..." he said, "This is the best kept secret in Newark. Why isn't it that you're being interviewed? You're being noticed all over the city? Why is it that that's not what's happening?" And I think, honestly, it's never really happened to Saint Vincent's except every now and then. Like this is wonderful for us to be here, because we do want people to know about the school. We do want people to understand that it is a wonderful option for young women. And so that would be the first thing I would say about it. And I'd say that it is... that the story may have been heard before, but I don't think it's always exactly the same story. The Saint Vincent's narrative is just filled with generations of incredibly devoted and competent teachers. Speaking of which, there's one sitting right next to you, right? Actually, Jo-Ann, you started as a student at the school? I did. And then you're now there, and you're now teaching? I am. What was it about this school that brought you back and that you've spent your life giving back now to other students? Mm hmm. And I said... I've said this before, and I'll try to say it quickly. I was a public school kid. My parents finally were in a position with my brother and with me, that they could offer us an opportunity to go to a Catholic school. And they made the decision for me. They said, "You're going to Saint Vincent's." I didn't want... You had no choice? No I didn't have a choice. My choice was Barringer actually. And I said, "no no," and they said, "No, that's where we want you to go." And I said, "It's an all girls Catholic school with a uniform, right?" They said, "Yes." That decision was..."