Staying Healthy By Eating Right and Sneaking in Workouts

Kirk Charles, Certified Personal Trainer, offers tips and tools to stay healthy by eating right and working out even if it's for a few minutes in-between conference calls at work.

12/9/17 #623






"Welcome back to Life & Living. Are you living in the power zone? My next guest is here to tell you how you can. He is Kirk Charles, Certified Personal Trainer, author, as well, Live in the Power Zone. Also author of The 2-Minute Office Workout, and a new book that you're working on? Healthy Living Begins in the First Aisle. Healthy Living Begins in the First Aisle? Yes. We're going to talk all about that. Give us a little brief overview. What was Live in the Power Zone? What is the premise of the book? It's basically a motivational book I wrote, that maybe... it was published about eight years ago or so, but I had written it, and I was working on it for a quite a long period of time. And if you're engaged in trying to achieve any goal, I believe you're in one step of an eight step process. What are those eight steps? So it all starts with a dream. Next would be desire. The decision-making, devotion, determination, discipline, daring, and finally, deliverance. So depending on where you are in that eight step process, the book would resonate with you, because it's also sort of autobiographical on my part. It tells the steps that I went through, and how I faced challenges, and overcame challenges. So I want to dig into that a bit. You're a certified personal trainer. Yes I am. I've seen you around Montclair. You are motivating and inspiring a lot of people to get into shape, right? That's what I do. Be healthy and make good choices. What was your dream? And are you living that dream? Right now? Oh wow, I'm in the thick of it, and I'm loving it. My goal is just to inspire people and, you know, I've always thought, "I don't know if there's really a meaning to life," but what feels good to me is to inspire people and to have them inspire me. So that's what I do with my clients. I'm trying to get them to go from point A to point B, or wherever it is that they want to go, physically and mentally. And also, now that I'm into the nutritional world... nutritionally. So how do we inspire each other? That's basically what I'm all about. So you said that some people inspire you while you're inspiring them. Talk about a few examples of client interactions where you walked away just as empowered as they were. It happens all day long, whenever I'm training someone, because the beauty of what I do is that I meet people from all types of industries. So this morning, I was talking to a gentleman who was in advertising, and he's..."