Tackle Kids Cancer Raises Awareness of Pediatric Cancer

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Jon Fitzgerald, President and Chief Development Officer of the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation, to discuss "Tackle Kids Cancer," an initiative created to, not only, raise awareness about pediatric cancer, but also about the critical funds needed for research and programs.

11/9/17 #2085






"Hi. I'm Niamh and I have cancer. Having cancer is not fun. Instead of going to school, playing soccer, and being with my friends, most days I'm in the hospital receiving chemo. I'll maybe finish my chemo in December, but the side effects will last a lifetime, and that makes me sad. It's so... like, it's so important that we find a cure for cancer. No child should have to go through this. Children need to have a chance at life and cancer steals that from us. Everyone in my family has been affected by cancer, but we get through this together. [applause] Powerful stuff. And the... Thank you. ...gentleman you're about to meet, Jon M. Fitzgerald, President and Chief Development Officer, Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation. Good to see you buddy. Hey thank you. Thank you. Tell everyone about the nine year old young lady. Well... Niamh? Niamh, she's one of our patients, one of our success stories, but she was at the press conference for National Tackle Kids Cancer Giving Day. I think everybody's familiar with the national days that you see come up. We were selected, Tackle Kids Cancer was selected to be on September 15th. One of the national days. And that was the press conference for that. Wow. And she's one of our success stories, but telling the story about how impactful cancer is on a family. Yeah let's talk Tackle Kids Cancer. To disclose, I've been connected to this initiative from the beginning. Yeah you have. The New York Football Giants, Eli Manning was recognized by the NFL for this. Bob Garrett, you and the others who started this, tell everyone what Tackle Kids Cancer is. Well Tackle Kids Cancer really is our first cause branding initiative that we launched with the New York Football Giants. I remember. Eli Manning is our coach. We've had a long partnership with the Giants, and about three years ago they said, "What can we do to really have an impact on the work that you're doing?" So we said, "Listen to us about pediatric cancer, and the importance of research to find a cure for pediatric cancer." I don't know if your viewers know, but every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. The average age is six. One in eight do not survive. Federal funding, while tremendous... funding cancer research, only 4% of federal funding goes to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. We created this program with the Giants to increase awareness and raise money for this vital vital program. Cancer's a scourge, but when it hits our most vulnerable citizens, the children in..."