The Amazing Kreskin Shows Off His Mind-Reading Powers

Kreskin, the world’s foremost mentalist, shares stories from his career spanning over 50 years and demonstrates his mind reading powers for Joanna Gagis.

4/21/18 #701






"Welcome to Life & Living. I'm Joanna Gagis. He's had a storied career, spanning over 50 years, and he's wowed his audiences every mind-reading step of the way. He is The Amazing Kreskin. He can't control himself right now! He's already talking to me. He's known as the world's foremost mentalist. Welcome to the show. Well Joanna, I gotta tell you something Joanna, and I mean this sincerely because I travel. The airline industry announced last year, I've now flown a little over three and a half million miles. Three and one half million. Two years ago, not this last year, but two years ago, if you picked all the radio, TV, and concerts, in one year I did 364 appearances around the world. So my career is like an adventure. But I gotta tell you something. And I... Your crew here is absolutely refreshing. I say they're flakey because I like them. But they're good folks, and there's a good atmosphere, which reflects you I think. Well thank you. Coming from you, that means a lot. Because you have done over 88 appearances on shows like The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show, the great David Letterman, you've done...? And Carson. Johnny Carson! You started with Johnny Carson? Well, let me tell you... 88 appearances on his show alone? Let me tell you a story that a lot of people find fascinating. When Steve Allen, who was... this is before your time, when he left the tonight show, he moved to Los Angeles. He did a nighttime show that college students watched, young people watched, and Johnny Carson took over. So Steve Allen was a brilliant comedian, but also a very serious... he was a musical writer. He heard about me. No one didn't know much about me in the 60s. He flew me to LA, he says, "Everyone's interested in ESP. This gentleman has an unusual gift. Let's welcome Kreskin." I didn't have "The Amazing" - that came from Carson. I walk on, Joanna, and I'm looking towards the camera. In those days the lights were hot, and you would know this. I keep looking as Steve Allen's standing on a dais like everyone else has, and the lights are brighter and brighter, and as I get to Steve Allen, I am blinded. I go to shake hands with him, fall over the dais, and fall flat on my face, this is my first national appearance on television. My family thinks it's the highlight of my career! [laughter] But a man came home earlier, because Carson did The Tonight Show in the afternoon at NBC, and he was back in his hotel then in New York with his wife. And it was late, and I turned it on, and he saw this incident of me going..."