The Gift of Life Part 2

Steve Adubato talks with individuals who share their profound stories about the impact organ and tissue donation has made in their lives. Guests include: Joe Roth, President & CEO, NJ Sharing Network; Dorian Wilson, MD, Liver Transplant Surgeon, University Hospital; Kim Slaton, Donor Family Member and Team Captain of “Biff’s Gifts”; Lavarra Hines Jr. , Donor Family Member; Sam Prince, Heart Transplant Recipient; Max Prince, Transplant Recipient Family Member; Donna King, Senior Laboratory Supervisor, NJ Sharing Network; Kari Phair, Friend of Organ and Tissue Donor; Michael Mahoney, Donor Family Member and Peter Santella, Donor Family Member.

8/30/17 #2070







"Hi, Steve Adubato here in beautiful New Providence, New Jersey. I'm here with my colleague Joanna Gagis. This is the 7th annual New Jersey Sharing Network 5K. Big event. Gift of life. Absolutely. Every year, we come here because we understand the importance of educating the public about organ and tissue donation and we know that for every person who registers, 75 lives can be saved. It's incredible. Last year, they saved hundreds of people's lives. People who gave the gift of life. In this program, in the following half hour in both Life & Living and One On One, our other programs, you are going to see people who are here because someone gave the gift of life to them. You're going to see family members of people who decided to give the gift of life to others. They're marching together, Joanna, on teams. That's right. 10,000 here gathered today. It's such a significant event in New Jersey because so many people have been impacted like you said by this issue, and so in this next half hour and in the programs that we're going to do. we're going to be talking to those people, hearing their stories, and I'm sure it's going to move you in the way that it's moved us. Check it out. For those of you who know our operation on public broadcasting, FIOS, and other digital platforms, you know that every year we make it our business to come to the New Jersey Sharing Network 5K, and this event would not be what it is without the young lady I'm about to talk to. She's Elisse Glennon, Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, I can get that out, on the sharing network. It is a beautiful day. I don't know who you guys called for that. You and Joe made a call. Tell folks what's going to happen today in New Providence, New Jersey. Today, we're celebrating life and you're right, it's a beautiful day. And the call we made was to all of the organ donors and tissue donors that are up there right now looking down on their family and friends who are coming together to celebrate the great gift that they gave at the time of their passing. And we're celebrating the recipients who received those gifts and who are living beautiful, spectacular lives in honor of..."