The Impact of Trump's Leadership

Dale Florio, Republican Strategist, and Philip Alagia, Democratic Strategist, sit down with Steve Adubato to share their thoughts on Donald Trump’s leadership and the impact of his leadership on the Democrat and Republican parties and their ability to get things done.

11/24/18 #228






"Welcome to State of Affairs, I'm Steve Adubato. We in fact are coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in beautiful Newark, New Jersey. It is our pleasure to introduce two guests who've been with us before, two experts who know politics and government, Dale Florio, Republican strategist and founder, Princeton Public Affairs Group, and Philip Alagia, Democratic strategist, Chief of Staff in beautiful Essex County, where we are taping. Good to see you gentlemen. Good to see you. Nice to be here. Full disclosure, we're doing this program a few weeks after a historic race. Congress goes Democrat, the House, Senate, stays Republican. What do you think that means in terms of the ability of folks to work together on the issues that matter in our lives Dale Florio? Oh Steve. Hope springs eternal. But what do you think? I'm not very optimistic. I mean the president, Trump, has shown a proclivity to stir the pot. And it looks, at least as of today, that Nancy Pelosi may be the... Let's assume she is, what do you think it means? Well, then you have a California leader, and you have a New York leader, Senator Schumer. East and West Coast, very liberal minded legislators, and Trump. It's just not gonna mix. Do you not see... It's a toxic mixture. A toxic mix? So Philip Alagia from my old neighborhood in the North Ward of Newark, New Jersey, you knew politics then, and you know it even better now. You say? It's the most divisive time. I mean we talked about how in the past, Democrats and Republicans would be in the legislature, would be in Congress, but they'd get together afterwards to talk about things. I don't think you see that anymore. Either you're left or you're right, either you're red or you're blue. Is it worse? I... from my perspective, absolutely. I mean. I don't think you're gonna get things done, I think you want to get victories, you don't want to get compromise. You know, the one thing... and I don't want to be overly philosophical with two guys who understand the nuts and bolts of politics and campaigns, but I've been thinking about this a lot. You ever notice how people who say... again, Phil and I grew up in the same neighborhood, know a lot of the same people, some of those folks in suburban Essex and other places, they like Donald Trump. They believe in him. And so if you get into a conversation with them, and say, you know, you see how the president said he's thinking about women or someone's appearance. Oh that's ridiculous, look..."