Two Mentors Out to Make a Difference in Lives of Children

Mentoring makes a huge difference in the lives of kids. Newark Mentoring Movement's Executive Director, Elizabeth Weisholtz and Give Something Back Program Coordinator Joshua Meekins share their mentoring experiences.

4/22/17 #604






"Not everybody has that person that they can go talk to when they need help, or that person that's gonna help them out. And a mentor is really that. It's a person that you can go to that you can talk about not even just about school, but about the struggles that you face daily, and they're really gonna listen, and they're gonna try their best to be that friend that you need. Give something back. Three powerful words that are making a huge difference for students across New Jersey and the nation. Elizabeth Weisholtz and Joshua Meekins are here to tell us more. Welcome to the program, both of you. Thank you. Thank you much for having us. Joshua, you are the program coordinator for Give Something Back. Tell me about your organization. What we do is we help send Pell Grant eligible 9th graders to college. Full ride. What does that mean? Pell Grant eligible students? Pell Grant eligible students are students that meet a certain financial requirement that we have, that we work with our universities as well, to make sure that they can be fully funded for our colleges. So when you say they meet a certain financial requirement, that is that they are below a certain standard of poverty, right? Yes. They are not able to afford education on their own? You got it. Higher education. You got it. Okay so how do you work with them? So in my position directly, I do a lot of communication between the colleges and the students, as well as the students and their families. Just making sure that, one, there's a good communication, we're fluent with what they're doing. At the same time, as an example, I also communicate with the mentors and the students as well. Can you just give us the mission of Give Something Back. What is your goal for these students? Yeah. We want to make sure that they get to and through college, and that they are fully developed within their skills when attending college. Elizabeth, let's talk about your organization. First tell us what it is. It's Newark Mentoring Movement. And what do you do? How do you work, first with Give Something Back... Sure. ...and with other organizations in the Newark area primarily? Sure. So we're essentially a hub, a resource hub, for mentoring programs. Our mission as an organization is to support both the quality and the quantity of mentoring relationships that are serving youth in Newark specifically. So quantity just means how many youth have a supportive, you know, mentor in their lives? And quality is, you know, what's the quality of those relationships? Okay. So we, you know, provide services to the support programs. Average person..."