UNTUCKit Founder Shares His Innovative Shirt Design

Joanna Gagis talks with Chris Riccobono about his company, UNTUCKit, a line of gentleman’s button down shirts designed to be worn untucked and still look professional.

12/3/16 #524






"Welcome to Life and Living. I'm Joanna Gagis. All you guys out there, I'm talking to you. It's the shirt conundrum. You want to leave it untucked, but it's too long. You tuck it in, and it just doesn't look great. Well Chris Riccobono is here to tell you to untuck it. He's the founder of UNTUCKit, a clothing line of shirts that are designed to be? You guessed it! Worn untucked. Untucked! There it is! Welcome to the program. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Where did this concept come from? For years, you know, even coming outside of college, when you start to be concerned about how you look and dress, every shirt was too long for me. I had one or two that were out of spec, so they were a smaller size, a little shorter, and they fit. And I started talking to all my friends about it, and everyone had the same problem. Literally they would finish the sentence, that "I owned thirty shirts, and there's only two that I can wear untucked that aren't too long." And that's really the look? Right? Yeah, I mean... You don't want your shirt tucked in? Right. I mean everyone... kinda Friday night, you go out to the bar, whether you're young or older, on the weekends. You put a pair of jeans on, you like to wear your shirt untucked. The problem is they were all too long, and if you look around, you know, now that we're talking, you'll notice that most guys look sloppy. So we did a survey, and it was like 95 percent, you know, had the exact same problem, that they were all too long. Who did you survey? Was this just New Jersey? Cause you're from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, right? Yeah, I started the brand in Hoboken, so we surveyed in Hoboken, outside the path, and men, and then we surveyed what the right length was. So one was, "Do you have a problem?" Then what the right length is. And everyone agreed on the right length. We showed 'em pictures of what's out there, a little shorter. And then right, kinda falling in the middle of the fly. So hold on. The right length is the bottom of the hemline... falls right in the middle of the fly? Yeah, the right length is... the front of the hemline falls right in the middle of the fly, with the pockets partially exposed, which kinda just... a little bit of a curve on the side. So it gives some definition. And goes up just a little bit? Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know guys want to define their waist! [laughter] Yeah. Girls are always looking to do that, men too? Yeah. Alright. So what did the survey tell you..."