W. Cary Edwards Foundation Offers Educational Opportunities

Joanna Gagis goes on-location to the W. Cary Edwards Foundation "Racing Towards Education" annual fundraising event to talk with W. Cary Edwards's daughters, Marcy and Kari, about how their family's foundation preserves their father's legacy of civil service.

2/18/17 #525






"I have the honor of being joined right now by Cary Edwards' daughters. I have Kari Giordano with me, and I have Marcy Benner with me. You both are the founders of the W. Cary Edwards Foundation. I'm gonna start with you, Kari. Why did you guys start this foundation? Well, when my father passed away, he... we toyed with whether or not to do something with cancer, because he did suffer terribly from cancer, and my father was a... he was a civil servant his entire life. So we decided that what better to do in his legacy than to help others? Or find people to help? Marcy, tell me about the mission of the foundation. What do you hope to accomplish? We just want to carry on the work that my dad did while he was here in helping others. You know, he was from a single family, you know, he was raised by a single mother. He went and got all his education through scholarships. You know. Went on and became, you know, the Attorney General of the state, and did such wonderful things and helped so many people get educated. So we just kind of want to carry that on, and you know, make sure that people, you know, don't forget how amazing he was. And at the same time help kids just like him. Tell me specifically who you help. How are you serving others? How are you supporting organizations throughout the state? We give scholarships. We fund scholarships. We find programs that are geared towards education, whether it be providing technology in places that have... don't... can't afford technology, or whether it be taking kids out of an environment and putting them into a better environment where they learn simple things as riding a bike, or swimming, or nutrition, or recording, or dance, and that kind of stuff. And we are very proud of what we do. Marcy, one of the organizations that you underwrite is called LifeCamp. Yes. We'll actually be talking to Eddie Franz from LifeCamp later in the program. How did you select that organization? Somebody came to us, you know, people tell us about different organizations all the time. We get letters, you know, we review them as a family because this is a family, you know honestly, our volunteers are my aunt's cousins and, you know, us and my mother. So we review it as a family, and we take a look at everything. And somebody came to us with LifeCamp. So we went, and we toured the campus this Summer. We fell in love with it. We fell in love with Eddie. We fell in love with his passion for helping these kids..."