Why You Should Start Planning for Old Age Now

Muriel Shore, EdD, RN, Dean and Professor at Felician University School of Nursing, and Director of the Institute for Gerontology at Felician University, shares why you are never too young to start thinking about where and how you want to spend your older years.

5/27/17 #607






"Welcome back, my next guest is here to tell you that you're never to young to starting thinking about where and how you want to spend your older years. She's Doctor Muriel Shore, Dean and Professor at the School of Nursing and Director of the Institute for Gerontology at Felician University. Welcome to the program. Welcome, thank you. Talking about where and how we age is not something that we bring up in our day to day conversations with even our loved ones, is it? It isn't and that's really an issue that you know we wait for the crisis to come. We know that ageing is inevitable but we're just not really planning for the years ahead, it's a problem. Okay, when should we be having these conversations? When should they start? It's never to early to begin. You really need to start with your spouse if you have one if your married, talk to your family. You really need to be thinking about your future and the inevitability of issues that may arise and what your preferences are. It really isn't to early to think about it. You know we think about, we're going to get married. We think about where we want to live, where we want to raise our families, but we really don't think about those older years and that's a concern. They crept up quicker then people would like to think. And then all of a sudden their faced with a lot of challenges but they really haven't prepared for them. Okay so how do we prepare? In other words ... because I'm not thinking about my older years right now, I can barely get through the day with a 3 years old and a 1 year old but you're telling me I should be think about that. So, so what kinds of things should I be asking even of myself and then of my spouse and my loved ones? Well you really want to think about the years ahead and where do you want to live. That's always the basic one people think about. Do the want ... In other words do I want to stay in this region, do I want to go somewhere warmer, those kinds of questions? Yes and many people will head south and then they find as they have headed south and lived there for several years that maybe they've lost a spouse or maybe their health deteriorates and then we find people are looking to relocate closer to where families are so they have support. So you really need to think about they type of housing. And even though you're younger and you may not be..."