Women Fighting Hunger Showcases Organizations Fighting Hunger

Joanna Gagis goes on-location to Canoe Brook Country Club for the "Women Fighting Hunger" luncheon to learn about hunger in New Jersey and how the Community Foodbank of New Jersey and other organizations are coming together to fight hunger.

9/16/17 #616






"Welcome to the Community Foodbank of New Jersey, inaugural “Women Fighting Hunger” event. Thank you for being here. I stand before you with great privilege and honor as the head of the largest anti-hunger, anti-poverty organization in the state where we give food, help and hope. I am honored to be here, I'm honored to help educate, help tell the story of what I know of the success of the Foodbank to be. I'm joined by Debra Vizzi who is the President & CEO of the Community Foodbank of New Jersey. Debra we just had a really terrific luncheon, it was called “Women Fighting Hunger” talk about this lunch and the message you were trying to get out to the people who came here today. Well you know these are not ordinary times and it's a wonderful opportunity to bring women together especially, right on the heels of Mother's day. To really galvanize them around this really important issue. Many of us are mothers, many of us are caregivers, many of us are feeding our children and families and to remind them there are three hundred forty thousand children in the state of New Jersey that are hungry. You talk about the number, who are they, what do we know about the people who are hungry, who are food insecure in New Jersey? Well I think one of the most common associations to food insecurity obviously are poor children. However, there is food insecurity in every county in the state of New Jersey which is an important piece for people who are watching and wondering how does this affect my community. And more importantly, you know women, especially now have such a galvanizing presence in our world and can do so much as a collective body, as ambassadors for the hungry. It's interesting, during the speech you actually said someone looking at me when I was young and I was hungry might not have known all that you were dealing with. You shared a very powerful, personal perspective of what you've come through in your life. “When I was a young girl I was in foster care and I had extremely abusive caregivers and I ended up running away. And I lived on the street, I was homeless and there was a women who noticed me, as anyone would notice a 12 year old on the street with no family, who was picking out of the garbage, and she was a social worker, she directed me to a food pantry. The power of her bring me there really changed my life. When you talk to these women and you help them to understand, they may not know what hunger..."