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March 27, 2018

Remember Them

Greg Lalevee

“Steve Adubato’s programming including State of Affairs is important because it brings awareness to all topics that affect citizens throughout the state of NJ. Wea re happy to participate in it and happy to listen to other leaders throughout the state about what is going on and what is going to impact our lives.”

– Greg Lalevee, Business Manager & General Vice President, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825

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General Colin Powell: A Legacy of Leadership

Steve Adubato, PhD 

In my latest book, “Lessons in Leadership,” I wrote a chapter featuring the exceptional leadership traits of General Colin Powell. Oddly the chapter is called “Great Leaders Sometimes Piss People Off.” That pithy quote came directly from an interview I did with the late General Powell in 1998 in which I asked him about the keys to great leadership. What struck me is that he said that the best leaders must make tough decisions, including ones that will not be popular with certain team members or key stakeholders, because the leader believes that particular decision is best for the team or organization. General Powell argued that many leaders are either unable or unwilling to make those difficult decisions, whether in the military or in any type of organization. Often, these leaders fail or fall short because the need to be liked or to be popular is such a high priority. Their fear of “pissing people off” is so great that they simply don’t lead in the way that is best for their team.  Some people call this being nice, but I call it being weak.  

I often talk about General Powell in my leadership seminars conducted through our firm, “Stand & Deliver,” and I’ve thought a great deal about him, especially since his passing. While my provocative book chapter title about “pissing people off” is memorable, what I remember and admire most about General Powell goes well beyond this. From every indication, General Powell was that rare leader who combined a well-earned sense of confidence with a genuine degree of humility, empathy, and compassion for others. He also exhibited a passion for excellence and the highest standards of performance for himself and everyone on his team.  

The interview I conducted with him was about a national volunteerism “giving back” initiative that he was heading up at the time. He clearly cared about others, particularly inner-city, often minority, children who face so many challenges, largely because of their zip code. Remember, General Powell was raised in the Bronx and was, in fact, one of those kids who faced such adversity and was able to achieve so much against the odds.  

But beyond his compassion for others, it was General Powell’s integrity and character that stood out. Consider when he publicly and very clearly took responsibility for the failure of his February 2003 United Nations’ testimony in which he emphatically, and with great clarity, claimed that Iraq and Saddam Hussein possessed “weapons of mass destruction” – which was largely the justification for the United States going to war at the time. General Powell trusted a variety of government intelligence and military agencies and their conclusions which, ultimately, were proven to be false. They were simply wrong. There were no weapons of mass destruction that were ever found. In turn, the premise of the U.S. going to war in Iraq was faulty and illegitimate.

But while so many leaders – particularly in public life – point fingers, make excuses, scapegoat, and deflect, that’s the opposite of what General Powell did. In fact, he stood up and said HE was wrong, and HE was responsible for accepting those intelligence reports without questioning or challenging them more aggressively. He trusted but acknowledged that he did not verify to the degree he should have.  In spirt of this, he pointed no fingers and blamed no one else. Just think about how rare that is for leaders of any stripe. 

Consider former President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept any responsibility for the horrific insurrection at the United States Capitol that took place on January 6, in spite of his speech leading up to it and his inaction while it was occurring. Or, President Joe Biden’s refusal to accept any responsibility for the debacle of the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as Americans and Afghans who supported the U.S. remain stuck in that chaotic country and clearly in harm’s way. These are just two notable examples of our current and past presidents falling woefully short as leaders because they simply refused to or were incapable of taking responsibility and owning their actions when things around them had gone terribly wrong.  I could be wrong, but I have a strong sense that if General Colin Powell were in fact our president, he would have led in a very different way.  

So, while we remember General Powell for his many accomplishments, what I admire most about him is that he was the kind of leader who took full responsibility for his actions, words and mistakes. This type of leader shouldn’t be so rare, but obviously is.  So, thank you, General Powell, for all you did for our country and the standard you set for all leaders who must do better and be better, particularly those leaders in public service who have falsely concluded that taking responsibility or admitting one’s own mistakes is somehow a sign of weakness, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Rest in peace, General Powell, you left a legacy of leadership for all of us to follow.  

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Steve Adubato joins Rafael Pi Roman on MetroFocus to discuss the leadership styles of President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.


Steve Adubato joins Rafael Pi Roman on MetroFocus to discuss New Jersey's fiscal future, its economic recovery from COVID-19, the approved Millionaire's Tax and Governor Murphy's political future in our state and possibly the country.


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Think Tank with Steve Adubato

Think Tank with Steve Adubato found on News 12+ and various podcast platforms features exclusive commentary from Think Tank host, Steve Adubato, combined with the best conversations from original Think Tank programs.


State of Affairs with Steve Adubato

State of Affairs Steve Adubato on News 12+ features extra, exclusive content from select State of Affairs guests. State of Affairs  is the public policy series that examines New Jersey’s most pressing political, social and cultural issues.


Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership with co-host Mary Gamba

Author, Emmy® Award-winning anchor, motivational speaker and leadership guru, Steve Adubato, PhD, is joined by his co-host and executive producer, Mary Gamba, to offer valuable tips and tools for leaders of all stripes. On Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership, you will find, not only candid and relevant conversation, but you will also hear valuable insight from the country’s most experienced and successful leaders.


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Each week, author, Emmy Award-winning anchor, motivational speaker and leadership guru,
Steve Adubato, PhD, is joined by his co-host and executive producer, Mary Gamba, to offer valuable tips and tools for leaders of all stripes. On Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership, you will find, not only candid and relevant conversation, but you will also hear valuable insight from the country’s most experienced and successful leaders.

Steve and Mary share their practical leadership experience (and communication advice) with a large and varied audience through their weekly Lessons in Leadership radio show on New York’s AM970 The Answer on Sundays at 2 p.m., the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. Lessons in Leadership will soon be available every Sunday on News 12+ at 10:00 a.m., and is also available on, and a variety of other media and digital outlets.


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Steve and Mary created their firm, Stand & Deliver, nearly 20 years ago, providing engaging and dynamic leadership seminars and customized executive performance coaching for a variety of organizations who today sing the praises of Stand & Deliver.  Based on Steve’s most recent book Lessons in Leadership, this radio show, podcast and now video series will help you reach your leadership potential.  Tune in and check it out, because as Steve says…great leaders are lifelong learners.

Think Tank on News 12+

Think Tank on News 12+ features exclusive commentary from Think Tank host, Steve Adubato, and select Think Tank guests, combined with the best conversations from original Think Tank programs. 

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State of Affairs on News 12+

State of Affairs with Steve Adubato on News 12+ features extra, exclusive content from select State of Affairs guests. State of Affairs is the public policy series that examines New Jersey’s most pressing political, social and cultural issues.

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Leadership Hour Podcast

The first half hour of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour is based on Steve Adubato’s most recent book, Lessons in Leadership, and will feature Steve, Mary Gamba, Steve's colleague from his leadership firm Stand & Deliver, and a variety of successful leaders, sharing relevant and practical leadership tips, tools and advice. These conversations are essential for leaders of all stripes looking to become more productive, strategic and impactful at work and at home.

The second half of Steve Adubato's Leadership hour, featuring Think Tank with Steve Adubato: The Podcast, highlights the best conversations from Think TankOne-on-One, and State of Affairs. Steve Adubato sits down with high-profile thought leaders, innovators, and experts. The podcast explores the critical issues, trends, and challenges facing our nation today.

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“New Jersey’s Next Governor with Steve Adubato” is a two-part special featuring in-depth interviews with
gubernatorial candidates Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R) and Ambassador Phil Murphy (D).



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The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,

the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, recognizes Steve Adubato, Ph.D.

Steve was nominated for Program Host/Moderator


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What people are saying about Steve Adubato's Emmy Nomination

 “Steve's nomination is well deserved and NJTV is proud to have Steve on our station. Since the inception of NJTV, CEC has provided the quality programming that NJTV strives to put on.”
 --John Servidio, VP, Subsidiary Stations, General Manager, NJTV
 “Congratulations to Steve and to the CEC team for achieving such an outstanding recognition by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. CEC’s quality programming is a testament to Steve’s leadership and to the talented group of individuals who work so diligently to bring CEC’s programs to life.”
 --Angela Harrington, VP, Communications and External Relations, Berkeley College
 “Congratulations, my very dear friend on your nomination for the Mid-Atlantic Emmy. You are ceaseless in your passion to be more than you ever dreamed you could be. For you, good is not good enough, great is not great enough. There is always something more. For you... for always, the best is yet to come. Congratulations, Steve.”
 --Michael Reuter, Director, Gerald P. Buccino Center forLeadership Development, Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University
 “Congratulations on your nomination for an Emmy. I echo the comments of others as to the high quality of the production based on your and your colleagues hard work.”
 --Joel Bloom, President, NJIT
“We are so excited for Steve and the CEC team. You all work so hard and produce excellent programs.”
--Ellen Lambert, Chief Diversity Officer, Corporate Responsibility, Director and Foundation President, PSEG Foundation
“Congratulations Steve on this prestigious nomination! We appreciate the work you do highlighting the positive impact that several of our nonprofit partners and associates are making in our community.”
--Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, ADP, Inc.
“Congratulations, Steve, on this sterling achievement in the news and entertainment business. On behalf of Kessler Foundation leadership, we send our best wishes and congratulations.”
--Rodger DeRose, President & CEO, Kessler Foundation
 “Outstanding news! Congrats to Steve and to the whole CEC team. Keep up the great work. We are proud to be a supporter.”
 --Michele N. Siekerka, Esq., President and CEO, New Jersey Business & Industry Association
 “Many congratulations to Steve on his Emmy nomination. On behalf of the Prudential team, we wish him the best as a candidate for the award... Prudential believes that the CEC programming has been valuable to youth across the city. Steve and the entire Caucus team continue to accomplish important work through dedicated efforts.”
 --Mekaelia Davis, Program Officer, Prudential Foundation
 “We couldn’t be prouder for your team and to be a part of your family of supporters!”
--Elissa Goldstein, Director of Development and Communications, Adler Aphasia Center
“We are truly pleased to add our congratulations for this significant and well-deserved accomplishment. Steve and your entire team have consistently produced engaging important programming that truly educates and inspires our community.”
--Laurie A. Pine, M.A. ’98, Director of Media Relations, Seton Hall University
“Exciting news on the Emmy nomination. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to continuing to optimize the opportunities as we work closely with our policy and public affair teams.”
--Susan Can, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Johnson & Johnson
“Wow – congratulations Steve and team! We’ve been proud of your programming for a long time.”
--Bryan Long, Regional Marketing Director, Northeast Community Banking, Wells Fargo
“Congratulations Steve and the complete Caucus team. We are proud to be part of your tremendous success. God bless!!!”
--Joseph Maurillo, President, IMAC Insurance
“This is terrific recognition to you as the moderator and your great support team!”
--Elaine Katz, Senior VP of Grants and Communications, Kessler Foundation
“A huge congratulations to Steve and the entire Caucus team! So well deserved! Wishing you good health and success.”
--Kayla George, Administrative Director / Marketing & PR Director, JAG Physical Therapy
“We are very proud of our affiliation with Steve and your entire team. Everyone is the consummate professional and we are always treated with great respect. Congrats to your entire team!!”
--Jim Kirkos, CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce
“What wonderful news!!! Congratulations, Steve, on this amazing achievement! It's special to have one's work acknowledged by your peers and it demonstrates that the programming CEC produces is greatly valued in the community. Well done and well deserved!”
--Marcy Holeton, Director of Advertising, NJ Family
“Congratulations on the nomination! We’ve enjoyed working together with the CEC over the years.”
--Dave Martel, VP, Marketing, NJ Advance Media

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"Building Trust: Race, Police & the Community” is a 1-hour special which addresses the complex and sometimes confrontational relationship between police and the minority community, and ways that we can begin to move the issue forward. Moderated by Steve Adubato and NJTV's Michael Hill, this program features a panel of 12 leaders from sectors of government, business, law enforcement, education, as well as religious and community leaders in and around the city of Newark.Broadcast Schedule BT


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John Schreiber | President and CEO, NJPAC
Judy Kaye | Two-Time Tony Award-Winning Actress
Whitney Strub | Co-Director, Queer Newark Oral History Project

Harold Perrineau | Actor
Judy Gold | Comedian, Actress, Emmy Award-Winning Writer/Producer

Michael Cumpsty | Tony-Nominated Actor
Houston Person | Tenor Saxophonist
Charles Rosen | Owner and CEO, New Ark Farms and Jersey Cider Works

Julia Scotti | Comedienne
Adegoke Steve Colson | GRAMMY Nominated Pianist & Composer

Stefon Harris | Educator and Musician
Alison Scott-Williams | Vice President of Arts Education, NJPAC
Catherine Russell | Vocalist
Darrell Terry | President and CEO, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of NJ

Brandon Dirden | Actor, Director
Siggy Flicker | Relationship Expert and Author, “Write Your Own Fairy Tale”

Larry Tamburri | Executive Director, Newark School of the Arts
Joel Perry | Jazz Guitarist, Music Educator
Faith Ringgold | Artist, Author, Arts Educator, Activist

Jeff Burger | Editor, “Lennon on Lennon”
Frank DiMatteo | Author, “The President Street Boys: Growing Up Mafia”

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8.4 Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, nothing in these Terms of Service will serve to preempt the promises made in the Privacy Policy (
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