Actor Josh Segarra Discusses His Three Very Different Roles

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Actor Josh Segarra to talk about his exciting roles in the Netflix series "AJ and the Queen," CW's "Arrow" and Comedy Central's "The Other Two."

2/20/2020 #2278






"This is one on one (music playing) there is he's back we had him in the past we got him back now he's josh Segarra he is involved with a Netflix 10 episode dramedy it is called AJ and the queen how you doing? Good Steve, it's good to see you it's good to be here. Set up this AJ and the queen thing for us what is it? Rupaul you might know. Yeah. He plays a he plays a--the RuPaul. Yeah come on the. He plays a drag queen named ruby red who is trying to get back some money that was stolen by me his boyfriend turned grifter you know and my partner in crime Tia Carrere plays lady danger well he's on the run and finds a stowaway in his trailer who's played by a beautiful little girl name Izzy g and then hilarity ensues. He's going across the country to make back that money so he stopped in at some bars along the way some clubs along the way to open up his own club in queens called queens and queens. I love it, what's he what's RuPaul like? He's incredible man he's incredible, truthfully like you know on that job I just wanted to do a good job you know I would I when I met Michael Patrick king who's a legend you know I’ll always remember the day I met him I I don't think I’ve ever told him this I remember the day I met him at that that callback and I felt like he was shimmering you know he just looked like that-- just remind folks that Michael . Patrick king you know--that little thing called sex in the city. Sex in the city, that little thing you know the come back to broke girls that's mpk right there that's the man, so when I meet him you know that was the first time meeting a legend so okay they bring it on in the now all right now I’m gonna meet Ru you know and that first day just came in and man when he just he made me feel like we've been buddies forever you know he came in and we hugged, we embraced and and the rest was history man watching him watching him captivate a room is always impressive, I’ll tell you that just because he's always coming in in a nice suit man always looking sharp that guy. He's not but not intimidating . No, no not intimidating. Just you know sorry for interrupting. Please. The word generous gets used a lot. Yeah, yeah. Is he generous? Super generous and and and I hope that doesn't sound yeah cliché but it's one of those things where when he walks into the room of course you know Ru man, you..."