Actor Welker White on Her Performance in The Irishman

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with actor, educator and coach, Welker White, discussing her amazing performance as Jo Hoffa in "The Irishman," and working with Martin Scorsese.

3/9/2020 #2279






"What a movie and the young lady you see on camera walker white is in that movie she plays opposite al Pacino she's Josephine Jo Hoffa welcome to one on one here at the TISCH wnet studio. thank you. we're taping this a little bit before Christmas 2019 they'll be seen after that I absolutely love this movie did you love it when you saw it? I did, yeah. what do you love about it? oh gosh it's so epic it's So far-reaching it touches on our history it it gets us back into the genre I think a lot of us really love from Scorsese it brings together such an incredible cast of actors in large roles and small roles and it there's a power to the life of this guy that for whatever reason I don't know about you. But-- Hoffa or frank Sheeran-- Sheeran. Yeah-- frank Sheeran, the Irishman we see his entire life practically and we can we connect with it in a in a way that's very unexpected I I do yeah, such that when we see him at the end of his life which is kind of the framing device there's a sense of our own loss. Yeah. and that we come in alone and we go out alone three and a half hours I told You it's been out on Netflix just a little bit it'll be obviously there for a while that is the first time he ever did something like that because obviously the Netflix thing coming out after it's in the movies for a--yeah. couple weeks that's new you think that's gonna continue? I think it will-- does it matter, do you think it matters where you see a movie because I saw it in both places in the theater and then at home? oh gosh that's a big question I think it's a different experience. it is for sure yes does it are are we in a new era that, that has opened up a lot of opportunities for people yes is that incredible yes is there something something lost by not seeing a movie like this in a theater maybe a little bit yeah it's interesting martin Scorsese Scorsese was just quoted saying please I beg people not to look at watch this movie on their phone. I’ll leave it at that. I can't even see-- I yeah I can barely see like your apple watch or something-- he's got a point so I’m fascinated by your career were you the babysitter-- I was-- were you the babysitter in Goodfellas. for in Goodfellas. mm hm who needed her lucky hat that's right. you'll make the drug deal and things didn't work out as everyone knows again working with such an incredibly powerful cast you were 24--yeah. you said when you did that..."