Advancements in Cancer Care in New Jersey

Dr. William DeRosa, Chief of Oncology, and Dr. Molly Gabel, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology, both of Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center, speak with Steve Adubato about the opening of the Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Radiation Oncology Department and the exciting advancements in cancer research happening in New Jersey.

6/23/18 #3116






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. We're gonna be talking about cancer care, new treatments in cancer care, with two people who live it everyday, who are helping people everyday, they are in fact, Dr. William DeRosa, Chief of Oncology, and Dr. Molly Gabel, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology, both joining us from Summit Medical Group, MD Anderson Cancer Center. I want to thank you both for joining us. Thank you for having us. Dr. DeRosa, let me ask you cancer care today, how much different than five years ago ten years ago? Oh it's dramatically different, we have departed what would be called the phenomenologic era of cancer care. The what? Well I would say the phenomenologic... where we did... we did a treatment, we did a prospective randomized study, and then we looked to see and compared, and then figured out what to do from there. That was basically an inferential approach where we inferred what the biology was, we have rapidly basically gone into what would now be considered the biological basis for figuring out what to do, understanding the circuitry, exactly what is wrong at the cellular level. So now, because we're becoming rapidly very sophisticated by being able to do genomic testing, we can then figure out where the... and exploit the vulnerability or whatever the target is that has caused the cancer. Doctor, what does it mean for patients? It means... which we love... it means that they can be promised the same cure, but with less side effects, and able to live their life to the fullest including during treatment and so in my field in radiation oncology, it's changed in terms of technology, but now we're focusing on how do we get that same cure, with many less side effects? Talk to us about this connection with Summit Medical Group... by the way, Summit Medical Group is one of the underwriters of what we do - in terms of our healthcare programming - but the whole MD Anderson Cancer Center, explain the connection - the correlation. Sure it's very unique. MD Anderson would... desires to have their brand... Who is MD Anderson and why do they have the reputation they do? Well MD Anderson is considered the number one comprehensive cancer center basically in the country by US News and World Report. I want to be clear because Public Broadcasting. Yeah. You have to cite the source that comes from US News and World Report? That comes from US News and World Report, that's correct and they're considered the number one research institution in the country for cancer. So they desire..."