An Inside Look at Drumthwacket: The People's House

Steve Adubato goes on-location to “Drumthwacket,” the official residence of the New Jersey Governor, to speak with individuals about the significant history of the property and its impact on New Jersey and the nation. Known today as ""The People's House,"" First Lady Tammy Murphy and the Drumthwacket Foundation have focused their efforts to restore this important landmark to give the people of the state a place visit and learn from.

Guests include:

Tammy Murphy, First Lady of New Jersey and President, Drumthwacket Foundation
Rick Thigpen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, PSEG Services Corporation
Robyn Brenner, Executive Director, Drumthwacket Foundation
Liz Lempert, Mayor, Princeton, New Jersey
Alexis Degan, Executive Director, New Jersey Brewers Association

2/18/2020 #2280






"Hi I'm Steve Adubato we are in Princeton New Jersey more specifically at Drumthwacket this is the people's home it is the governor's official mansion if you will and we're honored to be joined by the first lady of the great state of New Jersey Tammy Murphy is also the president of the Drumthwacket foundation thank you for inviting us. Thank you for coming to the people's house. The people's home. Yes. Make that real for us. I don't know if you know this but this property was originally owned by William Penn back in the day and has been the home of I guess three different families have lived here over time the olden family, governor olden. Governor Olden. Exactly so in fact this was so the Florio's were not the first governors to live in this house actually the Oldens were the first governor To live in this house Good one ironically but so the olden family lived here and and really did the original construction on the main part of the house and then we had a man by the name of Mr. Pine who lived here and he expanded the whole property and made the house twice the size of the original, built this incredible room that we're in right now, in fact this fireplace was built in conjunction with Pine Hall over at Princeton and rumor has it that Mr. Pine actually brought the artisans and the stone over from Europe and while they were building pine Hall he built this fireplace as well but this room was the centerpiece of all that he cared about because it housed his incredible book collection at his death the book collection was was gifted to Princeton University, so we today have some books in here that look a little bit like they're fitting the part but they're actually kind of books by the yard, we are now working on a project whereby I'm trying to get New Jersey authors both living and those--Mm...who may have passed to populate this entire space so what I'm asking for I'm reaching out to publishers and to author's saying please can you share with me ideally a hardbound book--Wow. If not more than one and we are going to hopefully set up sections that could be..."