Assembyman Bramnick Examines NJ's Biggest Fiscal Issues

Steve Adubato and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R) - NJ, Assembly Republican Leader, talk about the biggest issues facing New Jersey including the millionaires tax, 2% cap on interest arbitration, free community college tuition and fully funding the school formula.

3/10/18 #204






"We are pleased to welcome Assemblyman Jon Bramnick. He is, in fact, the Assembly Republican leader. Good to see you! Great to be with you. Let's talk... you know what? We're gonna talk issues, but we're also gonna talk a little comedy. Are you, in fact, known as the funniest lawyer? Where? Because I won the Funniest Lawyer in New Jersey contest every time the Bar Association sponsored it. So I'm the... Were there actually any other funn...? ...Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali of comedy among lawyers in New Jersey. I'm sorry, I stepped on your line there Assemblyman. How many funny lawyers could there actually possibly be? Well the competition's light. [laughter] But I still won. Unlike a competitive swing district in New Jersey? Well, you know it's... Where there's competition is more severe. the funniest accountant in New Jersey is a less less competitive competition. It's even less competitive? Yes. By the way, speaking of, let's get this out of the way. You... well we're talking about the millionaire's tax? Yeah. The two percent cap on our interest arbitration, free community college, a whole bunch of things, the pension crisis, while we'll talk about that, you're gonna be at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Let's put this up right now. With Mike Marino, the comedian. We also had him on our One on One show. Mike is a funny guy. What are you doing on that bill? April 7th, they wanted the Funniest Lawyer in New Jersey to start, because, you know, Mike Marino is the "Bad Boy" of comedy. He sure is. So you need a lawyer to be around Mike Marino, because he'll get himself in trouble. So you're gonna open up? I am. Let me ask you, you're always under pressure in the legislature as a public figure, pressure performing as a stand-up on the stage at NJPAC? Pressure? Harder than a trial lawyer, and harder than being the Republican leader in the House. Because? Because if you miss one line, and you lose the audience, the audience is gone. In the other job, you don't know if you lost a trial. You don't know if you lost a jury, or you lost your constituency, because they don't tell you. You'll know right away? Right. Let's see if you lose anyone here. Are you ready? Happy to go. The millionaires tax. We're doing this right before the Governor delivers his budget address in Spring of 2018. Increasing taxes on millionaires. That's a good idea, right? Bad. Why? Well the worst... We need the money! The worst thing you can do in New Jersey. It starts sending a message that we're gonna put more taxes..."