Attorney General Grewal on Opioids, Taxes and Gun Control

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and Steve Adubato discuss the tone and tenor of the White House and how it’s affecting our nation. Attorney General Grewal also explains the role of his office regarding some of the issues he has dealt with since being appointed by Gov. Murphy including the opioid crisis, state and local taxes and gun control.

12/1/18 #229






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato. We're coming to you from the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in Newark, New Jersey. We are honored to have the Honorable Attorney General of the great state of New Jersey, Gurbir Grewal. Good to see you Attorney General. Good to be here. Thanks for having me Steve. Did you always...? When you were growing up as a kid...? By the way, where was that? Jersey City. I was born in Jersey City, in Hudson. I grew up in Bergen and Essex. Did you say to yourself, "I want to be the Attorney General"? No. I think I wanted to be a tennis player or an athlete. Yeah. Is that right? Yeah. I played high school tennis competitively, and I always thought I'd be an athlete, but somehow stumbled into law school. You have a background in law enforcement. You are the first Sikh-American to be Attorney General of the state, which means what to you and the rest of us? Well I mean it's an extraordinary responsibility. It's enormous... it's a great responsibility to be the Attorney General in the first place, to be the chief law enforcement officer, but I think it's an added responsibility to be the first in anything. To be the first Sikh in this position. I think my mistakes are magnified because they reflect, not just on me, but broadly speaking, on the Sikh community. And then my successes are magnified. If I do this well, I think it benefits the entire Sikh community, which is a new immigrant community, relatively, in the United States. And so if I can do it well, I can encourage others to. You know, it's interesting. There's a whole bunch of issues I want to talk about, the opioid crisis, dealing with gun control issues, environmental protection, immigration, et cetera. But I want to get this one out of the way. Okay. You've been asked a million times. You know where I'm going right? I'm not sure. Yeah. The radio thing. Yeah. So there are these two characters on 101.5? Yep. I don't even know their names and it doesn't matter. So they think they're being funny, and they make reference to you, and they don't even call you by your name, but they say the guy with, quote, "the turban". Right. Whatever else. And they sang "turban man". I didn't even know that part. Yeah. That speaks for itself? Yeah. In terms of who they are and how they see their role as folks in the media, and everything's..."