Author Inspired by his Grandfather's Hard Work and Wisdom

Marc Demetriou, Author, “Lessons From My Grandfather: Wisdom for Success In Business and Life” talks with Steve Adubato about how his grandfather’s hard work and success inspired him to write his book.

12/15/18 #3135






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. It is our pleasure to welcome, for the first time on our set, Marc Demetriou... Thank you. ...who is the author of a book called "Lessons From My Grandfather: Wisdom for Success in Business and Life". Good to see you, Marc. Nice to see you as well. Thank you. Tell us about your grandfather? Just a fantastic individual. I was very blessed to have him in my life for 37 years. Charlie? Charlie, yes. And to make it real simple, he left Cyprus at 16 to get ahead in life... had a dream to be something... not be poor. Where'd he come from? Cyprus. Left Cyprus... 16... middle of the night on a vessel... came to America... 20... 1929. Hmm. Started shining shoes and... Heck of a year to come. That was the most amazing year, and the most difficult year in itself, because when he came here, it was three weeks after the stock market crash. Yeah. Hmm. So I started shining shoes... hit the ground running. Where? On the streets of New York. And uh... What part of Manhattan? Was it Manhattan? Yeah. Just... yeah. The middle mid to Midtown... just Midtown area. You know, where he really started. He had an apartment with six other Greek guys. He was one of seven in an apartment. Slept one night a week on a bed, the other nights on the floor, and just kept going forward. When did he... my grandfather from Avellino, Italy… right, right. I know what you're talking about. Luigi Carvalho, God rest his soul, used to sit and talk to me about life and his own way. Wow. And he came here in 1929. When did your grandfather start talking to you about life? So, I was very blessed because when he retired at 60, I was just about born at that time. So for 37 years, he was my grandfather... but also my best friend and mentor. So, literally, his entire existence while I was here was literally about talking to me about what he'd went through, clipping out newspaper articles... he'd read three papers a day. Anything to do with business or family or investments... he was like my angel, my mentor. But all through life, non-stop. Really amazing, now... Did you know what was happening? Because one of the principles... there are 15 principles in the book, right? Yeah, sure. One of them I want to talk about... and I'm curious when he said this to you... if you knew something powerful was happening... he said, quote, "attitude is everything." Yeah. That was my most powerful quote. What do you mean by that? Because just the way you take on life... Every aspect of life, from when you..."