Blair Underwood on His Role in Broadway's "A Soldier's Play"

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Emmy and Grammy Award-winning Actor Blair Underwood, who talks about his return to Broadway in the powerful drama, "A Soldier's Play."

1/21/2020 #2273






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato this is one on one coming to you from the Tish WEP studio. You can look outside. We're in our Manhattan. Here he is Blair Underwood. It just says actor here let me give. No it says. Yes it says actor (LAUGHTER) no. He's in soldiers play over here at American Airlines theatre right here on West 42nd Street it's gonna be opening up on January 21st we're taping early in December also you were in a show that I was obsessed with along with millions of others back in the 90s. We call that back in the day. Back in the, we can call it back in the 90s because it was about we can even say back in the 2000's. LA LAW back in the 90s. LA LAW How great was LA LAW? It was amazing you know I actually started right? Behind you. No. At ABC, I did One Life to Live. Did you see, wait a minute Bob, can you get That shot? By the way yeah ABC is literally right by, yeah. That was where it was? That's another one. I did One life to live there but right after that, a year after that, I did one, I did LA Law for seven so you had a soap I went from a soap (LAUGHTER)a soap to I think a couple jobs here and there but then LA LAW changed it changed my life man I mean from 1987 to 1994. Yeah, yeah, You're the man cause it was You and Jimmy Smits, you were the man. Jimmy, I wouldn't do that, I was. You were-- I was a working man. An important man. I'm gonna go with that, Steve. It's true I'm gonna go with that. It's true. Thank you. Listen, in the notes it says your, your first love always theater. Yeah how long before you got to theater by the way we'll talk more about soldiers plane just a second first time. You got there was First time in the theater. Yeah. Oh man I went to college of Carnegie Mellon and studied theater so the first play I did outside of outside of Hollywood was a play called the game of love and chance in Los Angeles and I did Shakespeare in the Park in 93 with Kevin Kline and Andre Andre Braugher and that was 93. But yeah you know for me once I actually left one life to live the soap opera I moved out to LA to do a pilot you know things started happening for me in film and television but my passion is always the theater. What's the difference? Means I can get one foot on the boards well you know I mean you hear actors say this all the time. But it is, it's it's the fact that..."