CEO of Choose NJ Discusses Ways to Enrich Innovation in NJ

As part of our Future of Innovation series, Steve Adubato talks with Jose Lozano, President & CEO of Choose New Jersey, on ways to attract new businesses to New Jersey, enrich innovation in the state and the role of tax incentives to improve the state’s economy.

6/29/19 #313






"Welcome to State of Affairs. I'm Steve Adubato. We're coming to you from the NJTV Agnes Varis Studio in beautiful Brick City, Newark, New Jersey. We are pleased to welcome Jose Lozano, President and CEO of Choose New Jersey. Which is? Choose? It's a not-for-profit organization, responsible for attracting new businesses to New Jersey. And marketing the great assets we have. We're actually collaborating with Choose and also the EDA of the state of New Jersey, and a whole range of other folks, on a series called The Future of Innovation. Jose, you are wearing something on your left lapel. If we can get a shot of that? That has something to do with innovation and Edison? Yeah. It's... It looks like a light bulb to me? It is a light bulb. It is a light bulb. It's commemorating the 140th Anniversary of the light bulb being created right here in New Jersey by Thomas Edison. And it's intended to be a conversational starter, with the intent of showing folks, and reminding folks, that there's a rich history of innovation in our state. Is the whole idea of Choose...? It's a private organization? I want to be clear. That's right. This is not a government agency? Correct. The governor... who nominates by the way? People to be on the board of Choose? The Choose board of directors actually appoints the CEO, and then the CEO builds out the staff. Got it. So, attracting business to the state? Keeping business in the state? You just had an initiative, together with the folks over at The Commerce and Industry Association? Right. In the state. That was called Explore New Jersey? That's correct. That's correct. What was it about? It's coming off of the heels of SelectUSA, which was down in Washington D.C. and it attracts companies, foreign companies, that are looking to invest and plant the flag in the United States. And it allows the states to showcase some of the great assets that we have. And CIANJ had a great idea... Commerce and Industry? Commerce and Industry had a great idea to actually team up with Choose NJ to trot on the heels of the conference, and folks on their way back to their countries stopped by New Jersey for two days and actually explored firsthand some of the great things that we have. What were they curious about our state? Did they ask about out taxes? [laughter] Actually, not many of them did! Come on! Jose? Come on! Not many of them did. No no no no... We're noted for that. Yeah... we're noted for that, but so are companies internationally..."