Changing Worldviews Through Service Learning Projects

Steve Adubato talks with Colleen O’Brien, MA, Director of Campus Ministry, Caldwell University and Devin Lattuga, Caldwell University student about the role Campus Ministry has at the University and how engaging in service projects changes the way people look at the world.

12/8/18 #3129






"We're pleased to be joined by two good friends, Colleen O'Brien, director of Campus Ministry at Caldwell University, and a young man by the name of Devin Lattuga, student member of Campus Ministry at Caldwell University. Good to see both of you. Good to meet you too. Good to be here. You go to a cocktail party, not that you drink, and someone says, "Campus ministry, what is it?" You say? I say it is a place on campus where students can come and find community, be challenged in not only their faith but also how they can grow on campus outside of the academic classroom setting. For example? For example, we offer a lot of service opportunities, places where students can volunteer go on a week-long immersion trip abroad or within the states, they can engage with other members of the community to talk about their faith,talk about kind of their own sense of spirituality. What's Boxtown? Boxtown, yeah. So... I've always heard about this. Yeah. By the way, I should disclose that I continue to be a member of the faculty at Caldwell University, teaching a wonderful group of students there on leadership, but go ahead. That's great. Yeah, Boxtown actually came out of an idea that students had. So, Devin, I don't know if you want to talk about that? Jump in. Actually, at a preaching conference, me and two of my fellow students, we had to make a goal for... to bring back to our school, and we decided on a box town because one of the other students had experience with it in the past. What is it? So, a bunch of students get together and they build box houses and they sleep outside for a night to bring... We're looking at some pic... is that it? Take a look there, Devin. Yes. That's it? Go ahead, talk about it. Yeah. Sleep outside where? Ah, we did right it in front of our Student Center and it helps bring awareness to homelessness. Why... okay, why did you think that that was - and it is - so important? Well, it's one thing to hear about statistics and... but there's... it's another thing to experience how... it's an experience, you know, you're in that box, you're cold, you're tired, it hurts to sleep, and I think that hits harder than hearing a number or... You're right. Statisti... I often say numbers can be numbing. So can the cold. But let me ask you this, I'm curious about something. You had a certain track, a professional track you were thinking of... by the way, I shouldn't say track, because you're a runner. [laughter]...."