CNN's Chris Cuomo on Media and Covering the Trump Administration

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with CNN’s New Day co-anchor, Chris Cuomo, about covering the Trump administration and the state of the media today.

1/16/18 #2102






"Welcome to One on One. I'm Steve Adubato. If you see the open, you check out one of the stars in the open, it's Chris Cuomo, and he's sitting right here, not even in the opening, he's sitting right here, Chris Cuomo, Anchor CNN's New Day, seen every day at? 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning, Eastern Standard Time. Something I wasn't aware of when I started the job. I didn't recognize that we don't do a delay and play it again for the West Coast. You don't? But that's the reality of 24 live. So what do you got Adubato? And why do you look so good? It's not a question of what I got, it's a question... Why don't you age? Well you know, I've had work done. So here's the thing... Good work. It is good work. Right, very subtle. You got a pen? Here's... no no. It's too soon for you. You're not ready. Are you ready? Here we go. We are taping when we're taping. You tape... [laughter] You don't tape! You do it live! So the next day it's a whole new story. I'm not asking you for a prediction. I'm asking you to talk about, as you see, the state of our nation today, with President Trump as our president. How far apart are we? Look, there are divisions, most of which have always existed. I'm nowhere near the historian that Chris Matthews is. Chris Matthews just left here from another network. Yeah. Go ahead. I mean, you know, he's such a learned guy, and that's very helpful right now. The divisions that exist have been there, the exacerbating of them, the broadening of them using them, that is what makes this period special. We're seeing division be used as a tactic, outwardly, in a way we haven't in a long time. And the scary part is that it's effective. The natural counter to it, unity, remember what we're really about, who we are in this country, why we've excelled, it sounds cheap now. It sounds plastic right now. We don't have it authentically being delivered in a way that people can see it as a reason to believe. The divisions have always existed. You know, you can go back to the Federalists, in that first wave after the Revolution in the late 1700s into the 1800s, when they passed the Sedition Law and made it illegal to speak against John Adams. That was about elites versus the commoners, you know. Today? Yeah, the congressman from Massachusetts, Lyon, l-y-o-n. Google him. He became the equivalent of the new populism we're seeing now. "Fight against the elites!" "They're bad!" "It's us versus them!" "This is a fight for who we are - our soul!" And that's powerful medicine. They believe it..."