Communication Expert on Finding Inner Calm and Confidence

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Patricia Stark, Author, Communication Expert, Professional Development Coach & Trainer and President, Patricia Stark Communications, to discuss tips and tricks on finding your inner calm and confidence to relieve stress, anxiety and fear.

4/17/19 #2210






"One of the best communicators and coaches in the field you'll ever find. Patricia Stark is a good friend. She's an author, communication expert, and professional development coach and trainer. Good to see you my friend. Great to see you Steve. As always. You and I have been talking about communication for a long time. Yes. And we also worked together at another network at a different time in our lives. Yes we did. When did you become fascinated by how we communicate? How we don't communicate? And how you feel you... how you knew your ability to help? Well, I think being a reformed shy person from a very young age which, because of what I do for a living, people don't usually believe that, but it is true and knowing how nerve-racking and disabling it can be to not be able to communicate confidently and trust yourself. You said disabling? Yeah it really is. Did you mean to say that? Yeah, it makes you feel frozen and not able to achieve and accomplish a lot of goals, a lot of things in your life including relationships, your career, your future, so many things. And when I was working in broadcasting and then started transitioning to doing my coaching and training, I found that the underlying thread that runs through all the things that I was helping people do, through trying to coach them through public speaking or media training or interview skills, was that you need to find this thread of calm confidence, and that's how I came up with the term "calmfidence" which helped me to write my book, and I weave that into all of my training now, because the way that we communicate internally, the story we tell ourselves, completely affects our ability to communicate outwardly to others. You know, sometimes I think there's this group of us who are obsessed by communication who sometimes get so close to it, because we do it for a living, and we don't appreciate the anxiety, the fear, all the other insecurities and things that go along with it. But they're very real? Yes. And here's the thing I'm curious about. You and I were just talking, before we got on the air, and in my coaching, I do a lot of coaching in the field, and Patricia and I have consulted in other situations and talked about certain clients, shared our approaches, I'll say to someone, "Come in with a 3-minute presentation on something that really matters to you." Whether it's a corporate situation, whatever it is, institution of higher learning, whatever it is. They'll come in with a speech and they'll read the speech. Mm..."