Cooper Medical School Rowan University Connection to Camden

Steve Adubato goes on-location to Cooper Medical School at Rowan University to talk with Phoebe A. Haddon, J.D, LL.M., Chancellor, Rutgers University – Camden, about how the university is an anchor institution, why it’s important to be connected to the city of Camden and the unique collaboration between Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University on the Joint Health Sciences Center building.

4/20/19 #2211






"Hi, Steve Adubato here. We're in Camden, New Jersey. We are thrilled to be speaking to the Chancellor at Rutgers-Camden, Phoebe Haddon. Good to see you. Nice to see you too. Let's talk about what people see behind us. They're gonna see a wide shot behind us. There is in fact the Joint Sciences Health Center behind us. Now what does Rutgers-Camden, together with the folks at Rowan University, have to do with that? Well it's the Rutgers Rowan Joint Science Building. And what that means is that we're collaborating on mostly Health Sciences related activities. It's been my view that we ought to collaborate. We're competitors in many respects, but we also ought to collaborate. Because? Because we're a part of this community, and we are both proponents of higher educational opportunities for all of our citizens. Chancellor, talk about some of the research that will go on in that particular building and why it matters so much, a, to the people of Camden, the people of the state, and to the nation? From the perspective of Rutgers-Camden, we have world-class Rutgers scientists that are engaged in computational biology, chemistry, biology, and all the health science related activities that are going on in this city are dependent on the production of our research, but also the students that come from Rutgers University-Camden. Chancellor, is it actually changing...? Again, we're doing a series on the future of healthcare in the state and nation, and also we're doing a series on innovation. You bring them together. Is this the new face of what healthcare and medical research is going to look like? I think it has to be. Research is very expensive, and we know that we are highly competitive internationally, but for us to continue to do that, we have to have our own centers of excellence. It's interesting. We were talking to Dr. Ali Houshmand, the President at Rowan University, and he was saying no one, no university, no matter how good they think they are, cannot do it alone? No, that's true. And that's why I started out with the proposition that in the future, we will be collaborating. That's the only way we can do it. And I've had some experience in other universities where that has happened and been very successful. Talk about that a little bit. Because we're fascinated by the fact that there are so many universities, colleges, institutions of higher learning in this state, in this region. There's a lot of competition. How do you get past some of the competitive..."