Creating Pathways to Arts Education in NYC

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League, who talks about how her organization promotes arts education and accessibility for audiences in New York City and all over the United States.

1/21/2020 #2273






"This is one on one Charlotte St. Martin is president of a great organization called the Broadway League you you're involved in tony Awards? We are we co present them and the other one is the American theatre wing Yeah. What's the jimmy awards? The jimmy Awards is our newest program it's like the Tony’s for teens a hundred thousand kids compete from 1,700 schools in 46 Regions to send to a young man young Woman to New York to train with Choreographers and actors coaches to Win scholarships and to perform live on a Broadway stage that's awesome you know I just heard about the jimmy awards and In fact we have a clip of the jimmy Awards right here (music playing) that was from The prom. That was from the Jimmy awards and that was where the vet Was from the show the prom. Oh yes. Okay yes. I'm sorry, yes. That was a jimmy awards. Yes. Kind of Audience for that well it the it's like a real-life glee these kids grow up and they become our Broadway stars the winners from two years ago are actually Performing in lead roles on Broadway Right now. Wow Andrew Feldman is the lead in Dear even Hanson he's even Hanson that's great and Renee Rapp is in mean girls with a lead role. Wow and Eva Noblezada from five years ago is the lead in the tony award-winning Hadestown these are the best of the teens in our country and It's great to see them just coalesce Around Broadway which is so important to New York how, how did you Get in to the Arts? It was a passion from day one I've the luckiest person in the world I got to take my avocation and make it my vocation and I work every day to make Broadway more accessible for everyone. Where did you grow up grew up in Texas Dallas you're a cowboys fan of course I was just checking our president Neil Shapiro big Cowboys fan we will not talk about where they are on the season we don't want to they're not doing well just leave it alone we'll talk Broadway not football. Good. How about the I’m a Giants fan what am I gonna say. Well I love the Giants tom Landry. Seriously? Oh yes. Giants and the. That's confusing but let's go back to Broadway . Okay, this Organization your organization made up of whom? Our organization is made up of The producers of Broadway shows okay the Presenters of Broadway shows who take them from New York to the hundred and 60 cities where there are Broadway series 200 venues the theater owners in New York and around the country and the people who manage the shows so we are..."