Curtis Sliwa on Trump and the State of Today's Media

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Curtis Sliwa, Founder, Guardian Angels, Host of Curtis Sliwa Show, 77 WABC Radio and Host, Curtis and Juliet Show, to talk about the state of today's media, President Trump's leadership and the 2020 election politics.  

3/31/2020 #2284






"There he is the iconic the legendary Curtis Sliwa founder of the guardian angels you can check them out every day on WABC radio Curtis and Juliet 12 to 3 p.m. how you doing my friend? Not good. Why? Gucci has culturally appropriated my red beret. What are you talking about--? Oh yeah all the fashionistas riding me London in Paris in New York they all had styling and profiling the red beret and selling them for 350 bucks and they're not throwing no coin to the guardian angels not at least throwing off any no. Not even--Nothing [laughter] My chinny chin chin [Applause] Well okay by the way did is it was the 1979? 1979 40 years ago excellent and by the way we're going into 2000 with this show as well you had the idea because all the crime I mean New York City had fallen into the abyss remember massive cutbacks we were on the brink of fiscal collapse that was when Gerald Ford said dropped dead New York. Drop dead--City. Right. We're not bailing you out Ed Koch came in and he couldn't hire anyone in fact he had to layoff cops firefighters teachers social workers and there were no cops in the subways and I was running a mickey d's up in the boogie down Bronx-- Right that's right. This is when hip-hop came about and I decided you know what I’m single I’m able bodied I’m just gonna basically brainwash my closing crew and have red-- Ray Kroc pay extra overtime to them so they could come patrol with me that number four train the muggers' express that’s how it happened. Yeah ray never knew that he paid for that--[Laughter] That that start up Google Ray Kroc you'll get it could we do some politics? Sure. But by the way set up the show describe the show every day so people could know what they're listening to on your show unlike most talk radio right which is bombastic towards trump there's high dolla tree. You know trump oh it's the mashiac I hate Trump and my partner Juliet hates trump Juliet Huddy. But. There’s no buts there so that's-- Well you don't trash the guy every day. Not, not every day but we take a beating because remember I started out early on when he was the candidate because I’ve known Trump. Yeah I’ve had the love-hate relationship with him over the years and I said this is gonna be the George Steinbrenner of American politics he's a manic he's a depressive he's a screw ball and a crackpot but he's not intellectually stupid-- Not--Like a lot of the people who were running against them he talks the language that makes love to a lot of Americans is they like that..."