Educating the Public About Senior Citizens

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Thumbelina Newsome, Owner & CEO, Joy Cometh In The Morning, LLC, to talk about the impact the social adult day center has on her life and the importance of educating the public about the senior population.

11/29/2019 #2261






"We are honored to welcome Thumbelina Newsome, CEO of a great organization called Joy Cometh In The Morning. Good to see you. Thank you. Thank you for having me Steve. Born and raised where? In Newark. Where...? Okay, now... At Beth Israel Hospital. At... you... from the Beth? Right here. That's right. That's so interesting. Yes. Yes. I was born and raised in the other part of the city. Where? In the North Ward. Oh, okay. Clara Maass was my place. Clara Maass. Okay. Yeah. So let me try this on you. If people say, "Oh, Joy Cometh In The Morning. That's an interesting name. Who are they and what do they do?" I know that you are an adult daycare center. A day center... Yeah, we're a social adult daycare center. Yeah, break that down. What does that mean? Yeah. Well actually my mother... A typical day? Go ahead. My mother was the owner of it for nine years. We've been in business for nine years. Three years ago, I bought it from her. I left my corporate job because I knew that that was a diamond in the rough, and where I was working wasn't enough. I needed to fill... fulfill God's purpose for me. Hold on. Take a step back. Yeah. You were making good money in pharma? [laughter] Yeah. You had a good corporate job? Yeah. Money means nothing. Absolutely nothing. When you know that there's something deeper for you to do, you know that there's something inside of you that you have to give to the world. How did you know? I just felt it. I knew it. I can't even tell you. Because it came like this. I would do it for no money. Easy. But your mom was doing it, right? Yup. Were you around it...? All of my life. All of my life. She's always been in that industry for like 30-40 years. So she's been around for a long time. And you know, it's an honor, because I get to take this legacy and run with it. And make her proud. And not only that, give back to my ancestors. The seniors. Yeah. I love it. Why don't you do this for folks? Because they hear a social adult day center? Yeah. Break it down. People come in. Who are the people? First of all, who are the people? So we cater to senior citizens, people... we solved the problem of common senior... it's very... a common problem of senior depression. Seniors are so depressed. They sit at home. Their spouse has died. Their children die. They have nothing. They have no one. We go get them. We have transportation. We pick them up, Take them to and..."