Former Giant Bart Oates Shares the Impact of Boy Scouts

Steve Adubato talks with former NY Giants great, Bart Oates, and Boy Scout, Matthew Scala, about the tremendous impact The Boy Scouts can have on a young man's life.

10/26/16 #1914






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato, but more importantly, I have two very special guests to talk about scouting and why it's so special. First, our good friend back by popular demand, looking better than ever, Bart Oates. Former NFL player and star. How many Super Bowl rings? Three. Yeah, okay, who's counting? And also a scouting volunteer and he's joined by his good friend Matthew Scala who's 16 years of age. Just told me he's been in scouting since he was 6 years of age. Yes I have. How great is this? And I want to thank our friends over at Wakefern for talking to us about scouting and why this is so special. I've gotta ask you something. You were a scout as a kid? I was. Yeah, I grew up as a scout. And now you're a volunteer? Been a volunteer for years. Because? Been a scout master, been a... I... This is an awesome organization. It helps young men kind of learn leadership skills, self confidence, a lot of fun, camping. Just connecting with nature. Just tremendous benefits. So for ten years you've been in this. Ten years. What would you say the number one benefit you've taken from your scouting experience has been? I'd have to say friendships, because the boys you meet in scouting are the boys that you're going to hang out with for years to come. I know most of my friends are from scouting. I hang out with them on the weekends. We go places. We talk on the phone all the time. It's just a really great way to meet new people. It's interesting. You said you talk on the phone. Now do you actually talk on the phone? Well, we text. Okay! We have a big group chat. Do you really? It's very active. Everyone's on. Oh, how was everyones day? Sending everyone funny messages or something. But it's a scout thing. Oh, it's a scout thing. It's all scouts. Oh, that's great. Scout jokes and stuff. Scout jokes. Did you have that back in the day? Yeah. Ours was like smoke. I've gotta ask you something. When it comes to the leadership thing, you and I are fascinated by leadership. We talk about it all the time. You were one of the great leaders. Not just a talented football player, but a leader in the NFL. You continue to be today as you're concerned about the safety of football players. Talk about the leadership component of scouting. It's built in. The leadership is built in. It's designed to help young men that don't have those types of skills to learn them. How so? Give us an example. Just Peer. Scouting is really to be run, if done right, run by the young men themselves..."