Former NJEA Exec. Director on Gov. Christie and Gov. Murphy

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the 2019 NJEA Convention in Atlantic City to talk to Ed Richardson, Former Executive Director, NJEA, to look back over his career and accomplishments in his role at NJEA and the Association’s relationships with Governor Christie and Governor Murphy.

1/11/2020 #330






"I'm Steve Adubato. This is the 166th New Jersey Education Association Convention, here in Atlantic City. We are joined by Ed Richardson. It says here, "past executive director of the NJEA". First of all Ed, it's great to see you. You too Steve. We've had countless conversations over the years. I disclose this every other time I... Always good ones. But I'll disclose this as well. The NJEA has been a big supporter, a major underwriter, of what we do, and a supporter of NJTV News, our colleagues and partners. That being said, what's it like for you to look back on your... how many years? 26. You look back and what sticks in your mind? Just that the quality of our public schools in the state has been a constant. And the commitment of our members to the children in this state has been a constant. And so whatever issues have come up over the years, whether it's school funding, student assessment, family involvement, it's always within that context. It's always within that framework. And so you know it's so gratifying to be able to step away from the organization at a time when New Jersey's been ranked number one for the quality of our public schools in the country by Education Week. When we have a level of member engagement and member voice and empowerment within our organization, that is virtually unprecedented, or... at least in in modern times, and that we are focusing on the power of the diversity of our students and our membership in the state. Why does that matter so much? The last part? New Jersey's public school students are now... a majority children of color, and our educators, our educational workforce, is not. Is not nearly close to that. And so we believe that it's important that, as we move forward, that a, children of color see themselves more in their role models, but also that children who look like you and I see role models who don't look like that. And we are very focused on that as a mission at NJEA. And I'm very proud that that is a legacy that I know we'll continue after I leave. It's interesting you said that, because this year, social justice... I don't want to say race relations, but in part, it's about race. And Cornel West, Doctor Cornel West, will be joining in just a little bit for an in-depth conversation. A major keynote address, right? Yeah. No accident that you're heavily into these areas? Absolutely. You look at the logo for our conference, and it talks about student success. That's right. Social justice, and education justice. Education justice? So we have the number one schools in the state. We..."