Helping Leaders Manage Their Multi-Generational Workforce

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Krishna Powell, Founder of HR 4 Your Small Biz, to discuss how she helps leaders manage their multi-generational workforce to improve performance, productivity, and profits.

12/6/18 #2180






"There she is. Krishna Powell, CEO of an organization called HR 4 Your Small Biz. How you doing? I am doing great. We've met each other at a variety of business conferences. Yes. Business and Industry Association. You focus on what population? I focus on young professionals, those under the age of 35, Millennials. And now Gen Zers entering the workforce. What do you do for them? Well basically, what I teach them is what it takes to succeed in the workplace, and how to work with generations older than themselves. You talking to me? [laughter] Well, no. Well, yes. Yes. That's okay. Oh yeah! [laughter] Are you telling me that there's something...? It's Gen X and what's the other thing? Millennials and Gen Z. Oh, Gen Z? Yeah. And I just... forget about Gen X, I already dated myself. There's Millennials and Gen Z? Yes. And the rest of us who are more experienced? Mm hmm. And really smart? Yes. You say what about the communication and interaction between us that you teach them? Well one of... Because, by the way, we have a bunch of them who are running this organization day to day, and they're superstars. They... and that's the key. They are superstars. Put them in areas where they can shine, but also have the patience to develop them. A lot of times, leaders think that they're going to come in already ready to go and succeed, and they need some help. You know, when you look at the area of communication, they're used to the Internet. When you... How about some face to face? Face to face. That's where they need development. You need to help teach them with the face to face interaction. which I... How about teaching folks to receive difficult-to-hear feedback? That it's perceived a criticism... "I'm not used to that!" they'll say. Yeah! [laughter] Not ours, but you know. Exactly. Go ahead. They're not used to it. Do you teach...? How do you teach them that? So what I do is spend time with them, and actually do hands-on interaction with them, and say, "Okay, here is the challenge. How are you going to handle it? How are you going to handle when someone says, 'I have shoes older than you. Why do I have to listen to you?'" [laughter] That's a good one! [laughter] And so at least we talk about it! [laughter] I gotta remember that! You know! Okay. But you have so much energy and passion and intellect and creativity on the part of the folks... Thank you. You do. Mm hmm. Plus these folks. Mm hmm. How do you harness that, so that they're patient enough to be involved in an organization, when they think they..."