Horizon and Golfer Morgan Hoffmann Promote Healthy Living

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the PGA Tour to speak with Bob Marino, Former President and CEO of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, about why they and RWJBarnabas have teamed up with pro golfer, Morgan Hoffmann, for Healthy Steps NJ - an educational initiative promoting healthy and active lifestyle in children and adults.

10/19/16 #1911






"Steve Adubato, here at the 2016 PGA championship at beautiful Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. Bob Marino, who is the chairman and CEO of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, come on, doesn't that sound great? It does. Thank you Steve, and thanks for being here today. Yeah, I'll tell you, and we are actually in the Horizon RWJBarnabas Health booth, which is air conditioned and beautiful and it's late in July and it's kinda steamy outside, but I'll tell you what, the idea of this tournament, being here, and you and your team, together with the folks at RWJBarnabas being major sponsors, why? Well, first of all the PGA tour is one of the major events on the golf circuit during the year. And it's here, as you said, in beautiful Baltusrol. What a venue, this is great for New jersey, we're happy to be part of it. We're a New Jersey company, and we're always happy to promote New jersey. We also had an opportunity to talk to one of the young golfers on the PGA tour based in New Jersey. He grew up in New Jersey. Morgan Hoffmann, who is really an, he's the ambassador for Horizon and RWJBarnabas Health. Why have a major golfer on the tour be an ambassador for you guys? Well, if you met Morgan, you realize that he's really physically fit, and in addition to being a great golfer, he's a great young man. And I think he's a great role model for well being and fitness, and obviously Barnabas and Horizon share a common goal in health and wellness, and really keeping our patients and our members healthy. And I think Morgan really represents that well. You know, this program that is being talked about, the Healthy Steps New Jersey campaign, what is it? Why does it matter? Well, Healthy Steps is all about nutrition, physical fitness, and eating well. And as you know, Horizon has many programs that we sponsor, ranging from childhood obesity, to childhood asthma prevention, so it meshes really well with what the company stands for, and that's for keeping our members well and keeping them healthy. And there's also a program we've done on public television before, it's called Healthy You, that your organization leads, done in cooperation with the YMCA I think? That's correct. That's correct, we do it in cooperation with the YMCA, again, it's youth oriented. It's about eating well, it's about staying fit, it's about proper nutrition, and the theory being is we need to teach kids at a very early age about wellness, about staying well, what to eat and what not to eat, Healthy You is one of those programs..."