Pro Golfer Morgan Hoffmann Inspires Healthy Lives for Kids

Steve Adubato talks to Morgan Hoffmann, PGA Tour Pro & Health Ambassador for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ & RWJBarnabas Health, about his NJ roots, passion for golf and how he’s trying to inspire kids to live healthy and active lifestyles.

9/21/16 #1907







"Steve Adubato and more importantly we are at the 2016 PGA championship at beautiful Baltusrol golf club in Springfield, New Jersey. It is my honor to introduce one of the hottest pros on the PGA tour, you like that? I like that. It's true, he's Morgan Hoffmann PGA Tour pro and the health ambassador for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, and RWJBarnabas health. Jersey guy, right? Correct, yup Wyckoff, New Jersey. When did you get into golf? Pretty young in diapers, I started off with a little, I guess, Fischer price set, and I started my first tournament was when I was eight years old. So, this term, "ambassador" you're ambassador to RJWBarnabas health and Horizon, we're actually in a very crowded air conditioned, I'll say that here and getting into August late July in New Jersey, it is hot, but we are in the Horizon and RWJBarnabas booth here, if you will, your connection to these organizations, and in a program called Healthy Steps New Jersey? Yeah, Healthy Steps New Jersey is really cool, I’ve been doing it for I guess, two and a half years now. We started at the Barclays a couple years ago, with a little pedometer, and we raised some money and every step I took throughout the week and through that, we kinda built a relationship and a nice partnership with Barnabas and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and it's really special to be a part of it because I’m so into health and fitness. My regimen with working out and eating is pretty strict. They are very strict with their rules and regulations for teaching young kids how to become healthy. Talk about the connection Morgan, between golf and mental and physical health because it is very clear. It is, yeah, I mean it's a long day out there, we play on average, it's like five hour rounds on the PGA tour and now especially in the summer it's hot, but you know there's more guys now, they're younger, every young guy is an athlete. It's not just golfers out there that are walking around, or in golf carts and you know, look at Rory Mcilroy, his transformation from when he was younger, a little overweight and now he's working out and hitting it further and I think he's a good person to look after and learn from. But let's talk about this though, I was just telling you about our sons who are 12 and 13, as we do this program is it tough to get kids into golf and if you do want to get them into golf because of the benefits, what are the best ways to do it... "