In Your Neighborhood: Asbury Park

For this edition of "In Your Neighborhood: Asbury Park," Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with musician Southside Johnny, who with Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi put the Jersey Shore on the map playing venues like Asbury Park’s Stone Pony. You’ll also hear from photographer Danny Clinch who is trying to make Asbury a destination for film, art and music. Joanna Gagis talks with a leader from Fulfill, a food bank helping Asbury and Monmouth County’s most vulnerable residents.

8/30/17 #2071







"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. In this very special edition of NJTV's In Your Neighborhood series, we look at the iconic Jersey Shore town of Asbury Park. In the next half hour, you'll see my One On One interview with musician Southside Johnny, who together with Bruce Springsteen, put the Jersey Shore and Asbury Park on the map. You'll also meet photographer Danny Clinch, who is trying to make Asbury a destination for film, art, and music. And finally my colleague, Joanna Gagis, profiles a food bank helping Asbury Park's most vulnerable citizens. We hope you enjoy this very special Jersey Shore edition of In Your Neighborhood: Asbury Park. It is our honor to welcome Southside Johnny from Southside Johnny of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. The creator of... it's called the... they say the "Jersey Sound" but you like to call it Jersey Soul? Yeah, I don't know if there is a Jersey sound. I mean, everybody is a little bit different. Some people are a lot different. There's a lot of bands but I think there's a certain blue collar chip on the shoulder ethos that goes through most of the music. You know, being from New Jersey was the joke state. Johnny Carson would make jokes about New Jersey and everybody else did and it made us much more aggressive and much more determined to prove that we were worthwhile. Bon Jovi said that you are his reason for singing. He always blames me. He blames me for everything. What a great compliment! It's nice of John. I think that he was, when I first met him he was 17 years old but he was bound and determined to be in a band and he made it work, so a lot of that is his plain determination. What was going on down at the Jersey Shore? You grew up... we were just talking right before we got on the air, you grew up in Ocean Grove. Not Asbury Park, not Long Branch, but this little town Ocean Grove which is a... trying to figure it out, is it Methodist? Yeah. Methodist. Big party town, huh? There's still no liquor stores in town. They have lightened up a little bit. You can actually bring your own bottle to some of the restaurants but when I grew up, you couldn't have any liquor on the street or have it... I did a Miller beer commercial in the 70's. Right..."