Inspiring Everyone to "SCREAM THEIR DREAM"

Steve Adubato speaks with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, CEO, Host and Executive Producer at “This is it TV,” about her mission to inspire others to “SCREAM THEIR DREAM.” She shares her journey on becoming a woman in leadership and explains how our current generation is seeing more woman-owned businesses than ever before.

10/20/18 #3126






"Rumor has it ooh... [LAUGHTER] That's alright. You can sing. We are pleased to be joined by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer. Yes! Who not only sings, but she's also very talented she's the host and executive producer of something called "This is it TV." Which is... This is it! This is it! Is a digital series that broadcasts live each and every morning. 10:00 a.m. Eastern in order to provide a place for people to scream their dream. Whoa whoa whoa. Scream their dream. By the way... Scream the dream. We're putting up information so people can check you out. Yeah! Where'd this whole idea come from? Well I had a digital agency so social media, web design graphic design, for years since 2009. And everybody that would come into my office, primarily small business owners, primarily women, would come in and they would say, "I have this idea. I want to do this." Meanwhile they have remortgage their house, they haven't talked to their husband about it. They've decided that this is what they're doing with their life. Hmm. But what they were doing was they were whispering their wishes. I am enthusiastic about everything, so I have... Clearly! I like to scream, so no longer are we whispering our wishes. We are screaming our dreams. And so that was where the philosophy was. So I was gonna create a digital platform where people had a voice. Where they could scream their dream about whatever it is that they wanted to do. Whether it was open a jewelry business, start a bakery, what have you. Do you feature these folks? I feature them every morning, every morning. [Intelligible] Every morning. Where do you find these people? They find me, which is wonderful! More often than not the majority of people want to find a place to put whatever it is that they're dreaming, and a safe place where they can feel comfortable. I like to believe that I make people feel comfortable. You from South Jersey? I am from South Jersey. What town? I grew up in Galloway Township, all the way down by the shore points. Alright. And then now I live in Washington Township. And... Yeah. these folks from all around South Jersey? So South Jersey, all the way up to North Jersey. I find myself in New York at least twice a month, Philadelphia area, Delaware. Yeah, entrepreneurs and then we Skype with a number of people from across the country. So it's Facebook Live? It's Facebook Live. Talk about that, because I'm always fascinated by different platforms. Yeah. We happen to be having..."