International Rescue Committee Saving Thousands of Refugees

Taped at NJPAC, Josh Weston, former CEO of ADP, and Fazal Baidariwal, an Afghanistan refugee, discuss the ways the International Rescue Committee are trying to save the lives of thousands of refugees, including Fazal and his family.

#1924 11/7/2016






"We are honored to be joined by our very good friend and colleague, Josh Weston, honorary chairman of the board and former CEO of ADP. And also one of the founding members of Public Media NJ and a great supporter of public broadcasting. And also Fazal Baidariwal. And he is an Afghanistan refugee. And we're here to talk about some important stuff Josh. The International Rescue Committee brought the two of you together. Set this up for us. You have been a board member of the International Rescue Committee over 20 years? That's right. This organization does what? The International Rescue Committee does two related things. In troubled countries where there are refugees, of which today there are 20 countries, the IRC, that's shorthand for International Rescue Committee, is on the ground in refugee camps, and in towns, helping refugees in many different ways. In addition, there's a reverse flow. The United States, every year, authorizes a fairly large number of refugees to come to this country. And every year, the IRC, International Rescue Committee, is assigned between ten and twelve thousand of those refugees, and the IRC meets them at the airplane, takes over, and helps get them settled, including Fazal. In 2011, you come to this country Yes. But you were in Afghanistan with your wife, who is here with you right now? Yeah. And you're working for women's rights in Afghanistan at the time Yes. You are in a position where that no longer is possible. You come to the United States? Yeah. How do you meet Josh? When I came to the United States, IRC provides enough support resettlement, food, housing, for three months. Fourteen months? For three months. For three months? Yes. But that was not enough for me, because I needed to work. And to have to get right off government support. I asked IRC I need training, and more things, at that time, IRC introduced me to Josh Weston. And when I introduced to Josh Weston my life changed. How? He introduced me to good people like Rosa open home from Rutgers University. And other good people. We reached our goal by our education. You and your wife wound up getting degrees? Yes. My wife get Public Administration from Rutgers, her master in Public Administration. And I got my master in Construction Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. Would that not have happened if Josh had not stepped up? It was impossible. Because Josh was a person, he introduced us, he led us, he advised us how to go and how to manage our life based on US culture. It was a new country. Josh, why did you do this? And why do you do this? Well I knew about the refugees before I met Fazal..."