Kate Endries, LMSW, and Susan Haspel; Jason C. Hernandez, Esq.; Sarah Adelman

As part of our Special Series "Addressing Youth Mental Health," Kate Endries, LMSW, National Director of Trauma-Informed Practice at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Susan Haspel, State Director of Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey, sit down with Steve Adubato to have a meaningful conversation about their trauma-informed practices and how they’re utilizing these practices to combat childhood adversity.

Then, Jason C. Hernandez, Esq., Director of the Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project and Adjunct Professor at Rutgers School of Law, discusses common misconceptions about immigration and the need for viable reform.

Later, Sarah Adelman, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, sits down with Steve Adubato for a compelling conversation about the opioid epidemic and how national funds are being allocated to support prevention and recovery.