Leadership Skills for Tomorrow's Leaders

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Bryan Price, Executive Director of the Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall University, about the importance of teaching leadership skills to future generations.

11/19/18 #2178






"We're pleased to be joined by Dr. Brian C. Price, executive director of The Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall University. Good to see you. Thank you Steve, thank you for having me. Both of us are students of think about leadership. I don't know about you, but I make mistakes all the time, which is the way I learned most of the time, comes leadership. Why are you so fascinated by leadership? Well I think I've tried to be a leader in my entire life. It started out in the sports arena, and then in... Talk about that, the sports side. Yeah, sure so I was a three-sport athlete in high school. And then when I went to West Point for my undergraduate, I played on the baseball team there. And since then, I've had the opportunity go back to West Point to teach, and I've also served as an assistant coach on their baseball team as well. So there's a lot of leadership lessons that you can learn from the sports world. Sure is. By the way, our mutual friend Karen Boroff, who was, she was teaching up at West Point. She got me and a whole bunch of other folks to go up there and teach and I will tell you, one of the greatest, not just academic experiences in my life, but greatest personal experience is meeting the young men and women talk about leaders. Yeah, absolutely. I mean West Point is a special place. It has been developing leaders of character for over 200 years and so and in times like these, we need leaders now more than ever. To that point, we're talking to our friends up at Seton Hall recently about this initiative. The Buccino Leadership Institute. And I'm trying to understand, because there are leadership courses. Sure. Throughout the Stillman's School of Business, you know, at Seton Hall Leadership right? Management leadership, what people think is the same thing you and I both know, just a little bit different. But how is this initiative different, and how does it go well beyond quote-unquote the classroom? Absolutely. So the first thing is that leadership is not new to Seton Hall. Nor is it new to a lot of universities and colleges around the country, but and it's important to also highlight that inside the Stillman School of Business there's been a leadership program that's been highly highly successful. That's right. HR.com has actually rated the Stillman School of Business Buccino Leadership Center they're the top-rated program in the past four years. So, by no means am I bringing anything new to the program,but I think our program is unique, however though is in our approach. There's a lot of leadership institute's and..."