Learning Beyond the Classroom Part 1

In part one of this two-part special, Steve Adubato goes on-location to the 2019 NJEA Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to talk with the state’s leading educators about the issues facing teachers and students both in and out of the classroom. Guests also discuss the convention theme of social justice in education and how it impacts students and teachers every day.

Guests Include:

Marie Blistan, President, New Jersey Education Association
Jennifer Keeney, Fifth Grade Educator, Emma C. Attales Middle School & Jessica Torcicollo, Middle School Counselor, Emma C. Attales Middle School
Steve Beatty, Secretary-Treasurer, New Jersey Education Association
Cornel West, Professor, Philosopher, Author & Activist
Ed Richardson, Former Executive Director, New Jersey Education Association

2/27/2020 #2281






"Hi I'm Steve Adubato we're at the NJEA convention it is the 166th time the NJEA has come down to do this convention we happen to be in a convention center in Atlantic City so what's going to happen here we'll be speaking to educators officers of the NJEA a whole range of folks like our kids who are in the public schools they say oh it's the teachers convention well the NJEA convention is a lot more than that the theme this year social justice they'll be talking about race relations they'll be Talking about technology a whole range of issues that impact not just those who educate our kids but those students our public schools we'll also be joined by dr. Cornel West who is delivering a major address here at the NJEA convention on race relations in America on social justice everything you ever wanted or needed to know about education about our educators but ultimately about the things that affect our students in our public schools to 2019 NJEA convention from right here in Atlantic City once again we're joined by Marie Blistan president of the New Jersey Education Association good to see ya, by the way you could tell that we're live here in Atlantic City because you see the activity going on the convention is just kicking off early in the morning, Murray first of all tell, put this in context for folks because for those of us who have we have a fourth graders like dad I had two days off. Yeah. well those two days off tell folks what goes on here. Well, they're not two days off for our educators in this state that's for sure we have 229 different workshops for our educators we have 200,000 members Steve as you know in our great public schools and they have the availability to come here participate in those workshops in areas of their expertise to grow their own professional learning and again to make content specific and important and relevant for our students in their lives. why is social justice a big theme at this convention. well it's a platform that my two colleagues Shaun Spiller and Steve Beatty and I ran on in--Your President and your secretary and treasurer--Vice President and secretary, Your Vice President-- treasurer. Right. yeah absolutely and..."