Maisha Simmons; Catherine Wilson; Diane Williams; Elaine Sanders

News12+ Exclusive Q: Maisha Simmons

Steve Adubato sits down with Maisha Simmons, Director, NJ Grantmaking, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to talk about how COVID exacerbated the racial disparities in healthcare, the reasons for vaccine hesitancy and resistance in the African American community, and the increased need to improve maternal and infant health outcomes.

Steve Adubato is joined by Catherine Wilson, President & CEO, United Way of Newark, to discuss the mission of United Way of Newark, the ongoing challenges people in Newark are facing due to the pandemic, and the importance of supporting families impacted by Hurricane Ida and families from Afghanistan transition to life in the U.S.

Steve Adubato speaks with Diane Williams, President & CEO, JBWS, about the mission and history of JBWS, the impact of the pandemic on domestic violence, and the ways the organization is helping to prevent dating abuse among high school students.

Steve Adubato speaks with Elaine Sanders, EdD, Director of Workforce Development, Community FoodBank of New Jersey, about the mission of the Food Service Training Academy, and the ways people can help to combat food insecurity across the state.