Making a Difference: The Ripple Effect

This panel brings together past Russell Berrie Making a Difference Award winners for a dynamic focus-group discussion regarding their work, their achievements and the challenges they face in growing their non-profits and furthering their causes.  Angelica Berrie sheds light on what the Russell Berrie Foundation does to help and honor these types of non-profits, how important it is to give back, why these organizations won the Making a Difference Award and the importance of the ripple effect. Guests: Dana Katzman-Spett, Executive Director, Pony Power Therapies; Eric Fuchs-Stengel, Founder and Executive Director, Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization; Angelia Berrie, President, The Russell Berrie Foundation; Claire Insalata Poulos, President, Table to Table, Inc.

4/12/14 #2466