Matt Servitto Shares His Unique Acting Experiences

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with veteran actor Matt Servitto, who talks about his role on the iconic TV series, The Sopranos, as well as his latest roles in Billions , Homeland and Your Pretty Face in Going to Hell.

4/17/19 #2210






"You know, I was looking forward to this show. But now I'm not anymore. You looked good in some of those older clips. Can I introduce the guy on camera right now? He thinks he's got a good sense of humor. Matt Servitto. I just met a few minutes ago. We're just gonna sit here and bust each other... Let me ask you something. Do you think, because we happen to be Italian-American from a certain part of the country with a certain kind of personality, that you can just say anything on my show? You can offend me and say I look younger in those clips? I'm sorry. Is this gonna be edited out? Are we... how does this work? No. We're on the air! Where's my teleprompter? No, there is no teleprompter. First of all, Matt... can I give him some credits here? Before we run another clip. On the Sopranos, he in fact played Special Agent Dwight Harris? Mm hmm. What a great role. On Billions. One of my favorite shows. You are Bob Sweeney? Buffalo Bob Sweeney. From upstate New York? Involved in politics a little bit? Yes. The mayor of Buffalo at the moment on the show. Okay. This is gonna be seen later. Yeah. Let me also say that Matt told me what was gonna happen in the series, now I don't have to watch anymore. So... I'd say I explained the show to you. It was kind of like, you know, subtitled for you. Stop it. What's the other one? Oh yeah. We're about to show... you play Satan? Yeah. On the Adult Swim television series Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell? Fourth season? Yeah. Describe that? It's a workplace comedy set in Hell, that is in its fourth season. We basically... everybody works for Satan. It's kind of... the show looks like the Muppets on acid, and it's Touched by an Angel in reverse. Basically Satan sends them up to Earth to do bad things, and they do those bad things very badly and come back and tell me how bad they did at it. But as opposed to Touched by an Angel, where he sends them down, they do good things, and they go back to Heaven. But it really is The Office meeting a Bosch painting. It just kind of looks insane. You're not our demo. Because our demo is probably 15 to 25. No guys over 60... 50... You think this show is actually gonna air? [laughter] Yeah. I'm sure. Believe me. I know this is all just getting me away from my wife and kids for a half an hour. Thank you. And speaking of your kids? Yes. Can..."