NJ Sharing Network's Annual 5K 2018 - Part 1

In part one of this special series, Steve Adubato goes on-location to NJ Sharing Network’s Annual 5k to talk with individuals who share their profound stories about the impact of organ and tissue donation.
Guests Include:
Elisse Glennon, VP & Chief Administrative Officer, NJ Sharing Network
Brianna Edler-Strand, Living Kidney Donor
Christine Burlew, Team Captain, “Joey’s Sour Patch Kids”
Siomara Hernandez Rivera, Team Captain, “Team Beanbo” & Blanca Pastore, Aunt of Organ Donor
Mary Von Schmidt, Team Captain, “Cindy’s Amazing gRACE”

8/30/18 #2163






"Steve Adubato here. This is the 2018 New Jersey Sharing Network 5k. We're in New Providence, New Jersey, thousands of people are here for this 5k... the Gift of Life, The Sharing Network... It is important that you understand the difference they make every day. We interviewed people, from an 11-year-old who was here leading a team because he wants to give the gift of life to others, to people in their 70s who received a lung, if you will. He did, he's alive, he's a recipient, his name is Mickey. He'll... you'll meet him in this two-part special from the New Jersey Sharing Network. We're at New Providence, New Jersey, the Gift of Life recipients, donors, people who care deeply, they're walking, they’re running, they're making a difference, you can make a difference as well. Let's do this. We're here with Elisse Glennon, who is Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the New Jersey Sharing Network. Another big day. It's the 5k 2018, right? You can hear people already out there. What's so big about this day? You know, you're right. People are coming in right now from the race and I'll tell you what's so big about... Walk starting at 10ish? Yeah, walk starting at 10:00, the race just went off at 8:30. And here's what's so big about this day... it is cloudy, it's cool, right? Star-Spangled Banner to start the race this morning, the sun popped out during the song, and then went away when the song was over. Because that's how big this day is. The people here are very special. They're here celebrating their loved ones who passed away and donated their organs, they're here celebrating the lives of the recipients, whose lives go on because of that legacy, and every year, something special like the sun coming out during the Star-Spangled Banner happens every year. You know, it's interesting. We've been doing this for several years together, and I was telling my wife that it's not the same because they aren't the same people, they're not the same stories, and we use stories... it sounds like, "Oh, you're telling a story." This is the Gift of Life being given again and again and again by so many different people who may never have expected that they were part of this chain, if you will, right? Right. That's right. Yeah, people never expect to be part of this club. People don't want to be..."