NJ Sharing Network's Annual 5K 2018 - Part 2

In part two of this special series, Steve Adubato goes on-location to NJ Sharing Network’s Annual 5k to talk with individuals who share their profound stories about the impact of organ and tissue donation.
Guests Include:
Dhruv Nagarajan, Team Captain, “Dhruv’s Hearts for Hope”
Brian Glennon, NJ Sharing Network Volunteer & Living Kidney Donor
Pam Drozd, Team Captain, “I AM DROZD!”
Michael Warren, Donation Resource Coordinator, NJ Sharing Network
Tina McCabe, Team Captain, “Jellybean’s Rainbow Walks with Mickey” & Mickey McCabe, Double Lung Transplant Recipient

8/31/18 #2164






"Steve Adubato here. This is the 2018 New Jersey Sharing Network 5k. We're in New Providence, New Jersey, thousands of people are here for this 5k... the Gift of Life, The Sharing Network... It is important that you understand the difference they make every day. We interviewed people, from an 11-year-old who was here leading a team because he wants to give the gift of life to others, to people in their 70s who received a lung, if you will. He did, he's alive, he's a recipient, his name is Mickey. He'll... you'll meet him in this two-part special from the New Jersey Sharing Network. We're at New Providence, New Jersey, the Gift of Life recipients, donors, people who care deeply, they're walking, they’re running, they're making a difference, you can make a difference as well. Let's do this. Okay, so at the Sharing Network's Annual 5k, you meet all kinds of fascinating people. This young guy... what... don't... what are you looking at the camera for already? This is Dhruv, right? Yeah. Dhruv, and tell us the name of the team that you are the captain of today for the walk? So today, I am the captain of the team DHRUV'S HEARTS for HOPE! What is that all about? So, I decided that... I know I am very young to be a team captain, but I know that kids can also make a change and spread awareness for this noble cause. And I have here some of my friends, my mom,my dad, some of my dad's friends, all part of my team. So hold on one second... I want to understand something. I'm a student of leadership, I actually do a show about leadership, and we usually talk to adults... but you are clearly an 11-year-old leader who is making change. Do you consider yourself a leader? Yes, I would. And I would actually like to lead in every way possible, and I think that this NJ Sharing Network... it's amazing how one organ donor can save eight lives. And unfortunately now, the number of like organ donors that die... recipients that die every day on the transplant list is, unfortunately, twenty. But hopefully we'll... as these runs develop, and as more and more years come, with the NJ Sharing Network, that can significantly go down. And I hope one day everybody will become an organ donor to embrace this Gift of Life..."